Silence Is Golden: A Sensual Romantic Evening

Silence Is Golden: A Sensual Romantic Evening

If you are interested in exploring the sensual side of life this weekend, or maybe even planning a surprise romantic evening for your love, this idea might appeal to you. As you know, communication plays a vital role in any relationship. There is, however, more than one way to communicate. A lot of times, expressing your feelings and emotions without words can create a much bigger effect on your love than simply telling them how you feel. The evening detailed below is designed to enhance your communication with your partner through the use of sight, smell, taste and touch. If done correctly it will leave your lover in absolutely no doubt about how much you love them, and will create memories that can last a lifetime.


* A secluded area of the room, preferably a corner

* An air mattress or something soft and comfortable to lay on
- A collection of soft comforters or blankets would work well
- Satin or silk sheets if possible

* A collection of soft pillows

* Decorations in the form of plants, flowers and rose petals

* Soft romantic lighting

* A large fruit, cheese and/or deli style meat platter
- Could be catered from a local cafe

* Chocolate and other romantic finger foods

* Soft romantic background music, such as sitar music

* Sensual props that invoke different feelings, such as feathers, a sponge with a bowl of warm water, some soft material, chocolate syrup etc.

* If this is something you are doing to your partner, you may want to include a blind fold

* Whatever else you might want to include

The idea here is to communicate as much love and romance to your partner without either of you saying anything. Start off by sensually exploring different areas of your partner's body through the use of your fingertips, lips and the sense of smell. Try to stay away from the erogenous zones to start with. You want to take things slowly and thoroughly enjoy each moment. Pamper your love by feeding them different foods while looking deeply into their eyes. Basically, you want to do as much as you can to make your partner feel incredibly special by exploring all the different avenues of communication while saying as little as possible. After doing this you will soon discover that silence actually is golden!


Planning An All Nighter

Planning An All Nighter
How fantastic would it be to take an already exquisite experience and then double, triple or even quadruple (and more!) it? Engaging in an all nighter at least once every few months is a great way to infuse some of the early passion you may have lost or put aside because of life stresses. If you're a new couple, it can be a fantastic way to learn more about each other's sexual preferences. The number of ways to go about your all nighter are as varied as each couple. Some couple's prefer to prolong their passion until the very end of their experience, while others treat it more as a marathon of sensual experiences. Either way you choose, here are few tips you'll want to keep in mind.

1. Make sure you both have the next day free. You'll need it for catching up on your sleep!

2. Have an idea of what you want to do the entire night so boredom doesn't become an issue, but don't worry if things don't go as planned. Spontaneity always creates a better mood setter.

3. Take it slowly. You have all night. Lavish and revel your partner.

4. Make sure you have something handy to eat and drink. You don't want your partner to be distracted by the thoughts of being hungry for something other than you! Use a bit of creativity and choose food that can be incorporated into your sensual play.

If you're not sure how to plan an all nighter, use the following sample as a guide. Remember to keep in mind your partner's preferences when setting the stage for your night. Times where you would make love have been left out to allow for the mood of each moment to shine through. Your actual lovemaking can take place at numerous intervals during the plan, or the plan can be designed to lead up to a climax of lovemaking at the end.

Approx. Time

Sensual Activity
30 mins.

Start your night off with a luxurious bubble bath or a steamy hot shower. Take your time enjoying being next to each other in such an intimate space.
45 mins.

After you've dried each other off, exchange sensual massages to continue setting the mood for your evening. Light a few candles, and play some of your favorite mood music.
45 mins.

Now is an excellent time to find something to nibble on (this may or may not include your partner!) for a while.
1 to 2 hours

Pull out your favorite romantic board game, or play a few of your own games such as: truth or dare or strip poker.
1 hour

After your sensual play, put on a favorite CD and share your favorite sensual memories with your partner. Talk about what you like, or what you like to try.
1 1/2 to 3 hours Now it's time to keep up the momentum with one of your favorite sensual movies like Henry and June or 9 1/2 Weeks.
1 to 2 hours When your all night is coming to a close finish it off by cooking breakfast for your partner. Then give them a final reminder of a night they'll never forget--you!
Total Time: 6 1/2 to 10 hours!


Love In The Rain

Love In The Rain
Create a memorable encounter of misty rain and love!

Three of the top ten sexual fantasies in our Top 10 Sexual Fantasies poll included water. Create your own sensual fantasy with this Love In The Rain encounter! Just gather your ingredients, turn on your shower and follow the easy steps located below.

+ plants, tropical if possible
+ fresh towels
+ rain/ocean CD
+ candlelight
+ woodsy smelling incense
+ soap(s)
+ loofahs, back brush, etc.
+ sheets or spare towels
+ robe(s)
+ waterproof toys, if desired
+ basket

1. Give your partner this printable invitation.

2. Drape spare towels or sheets to cover entire floor and toilet area.

3. Put plants in as many places possible such as sink, hanging locations, and floor.

4. Position your candles, incense and fresh towels.

5. Place soap, loofah, back brush, toys and other items in basket. Place basket within easy reach of shower.

6. Bring in a portable radio, and get music ready to play.

7. Get dressed in robe and nothing else. :)

8. A few minutes before your partner is expected to arrive, light your candles and incense and turn on music and shower.

9. When your partner arrives, undress them and lead them into your tropical rain seduction.


Exploration Of Touch

Exploration Of Touch

The feel of someone's touch is an amazing sensation. Take advantage of this and do this intimate encounter for your love!

Have your partner lay down on something comfortable. It is recommended that your partner keep their eyes closed or have a blindfold on. Then do the following steps, in order. Each step should take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.

1. Lightly blow on various parts of your partner's body.

2. Take one finger and gingerly trace your partner's body.

3. With your fingertips lightly explore your partner's body.

4. Using something silky, like a silk scarf or feather, trace your partner's body.

5. Using something slightly damp, like a washcloth or piece of fruit lightly caress your partner's body.

6. With your tongue or your lips give your partner's body kisses.

7. With both hands, gently caress your partner's body.

If you wish to continue with your exploration of touch encounter, repeat the steps above, but pay more attention to your partner's sensitive areas. You may want to include more steps as well. Just remember to take your time and pay attention to how your partner reacts to certain things that you do. Make sure you have at least an hour or two of uninterrupted time.


Body Painting

Body Painting
An incredibly sensual experience for the both of you


If you are looking to try something new and exciting with your love, why not consider body painting? Body painting is where you and your partner are naked, and you create a masterpiece on their body using various items as paint. How sensual can this get? Body painting involves a lot of sensual touch on your partner's body. How erotic you want that touch to be is entirely up to you. By incorporating different scenarios into the body painting session, you can control the erotic sensations that course through their body. It can definitely be incredibly exciting!

Before You Begin:
1. Make sure you know of any allergies that your partner has, and obviously stay clear of using those products.

2. Ensure that you are able to be completely alone, with no interruptions.

3. Body painting can be messy, so make sure you are not on the good sheets!

One idea is to get a blow up air mattress and 3-4 old or inexpensive white sheets to lie on. That way you have a large area to work on.

The Paint:
When selecting your "paints" try to use things that have different textures and smells, as well as different colors. If you are using food items as paints, make sure you use items that you would not mind eating off your partner as the night progresses. It would also be a good idea to make sure you don't use any items that might irritate your partner's sense of smell. Here are some ideas.

* Strawberries
* Raspberries
* Blueberries
* Chocolate
* White chocolate
* Jellies
* Syrups of different colors
* Chocolate body paint
* Body watercolor kits

This is an area where you can be very creative so let it show!

The Paint Brushes:
Choosing what to paint with is probably more important than choosing the paint itself. This is an area where you can truly heighten your partner's sensual enjoyment because of the variety of textures that promote different bodily sensations when applying the paint. Here are some ideas for different paint applicators.

A word of caution: Please ensure that the material you use to apply the paint is either new or clean.

* Paint brushes
* Sponge brushes
* Sponges of different texture, size and shape
* Feathers
* The tip of a rosebud
* Your fingers

Again, be creative. Another way to heighten your partner's sensual enjoyment is to blindfold them. That way, their sense of touch is heightened dramatically, along with their imagination. Portray yourself as a great artist who refuses to show his masterpiece until it is complete. This type of role-playing can add a significant dimension to the experience for both yourself and your partner.

The Painting:
Perhaps the least important consideration in all of this is what to paint. It really is up to you. The important thing is to paint something that teases your partner with varied brush strokes around various parts of the body. Be sure not to attack the erogenous zones straight away. Let your partner's anticipation build as you skirt over their sensual parts.

More Creative Ideas:
Sesame Street brand bath products (you know the kind you buy your kids) make a great finger paint bath soap set; I bought a set for my nephew and found a better use for them. Run a bubble bath and paint each other using these soaps, it's a lot of fun, and pretty cheap. -Becky

Buy some glow in the dark paint, usually available in toy stores, and just before bed one night, write a love message on your belly - or perhaps on a cardboard sheet somewhere in the room like on the roof - and wait for his laughs once the lights are turned out! -Anonymous

I just love this idea I think you will too. Buy some finger paint soap. You might want to look in the toy section of the store for it. You and your mate will have a lot of fun in a candlelight bath painting each other. -Danielle

The Small Expense of Romance

The Small Expense of Romance
Submitted by Michelle


Ladies, you may think that it's the man's job to seduce you. Or, maybe after you've gotten married and had kids you've found that the old spark is gone. It's not. It may have simmered down, but its no longer the fire you once had. If you want to be romanced and get that fire roaring again, you have to seduce and romance him like when you were newlyweds. Here's what I did.

My husband had a really bad week, so I decided to cheer him up. We don't have a lot of money with him being in the military and me being a stay-at-home mom. Well ladies, I decided to get creative. I went to Wal-Mart and got a single red rose ($1.25), a box of fake rose petals($5), a red lace camisole with matching panties ($12), a bag of 100 tea lights ($2), some lavender scented massage oil ($5), and a new white terry cloth robe ($35). The total was only $60 and some change, and BOY was it worth it!

After taking my son to his grandparent's house for the night, I went up to my husband's Army unit, got in the car and draped the robe over the driver's seat. I put the rose and a note saying, "Put this on as soon as you come home and meet me upstairs" under his windshield wiper. Then I went home and sprinkled the petals up the stairs and up to the bathroom door where I had placed a on the door telling him to enter. I had romantic music playing and a bubble bath already drawn that was surrounded by tea lights. I was in my new "outfit" waiting for him. After I finished bathing him, we went into the bedroom where I had placed the rest of the petals and the tea lights around the bed, with the massage oil sitting on the night stand. I took off his robe (guys love it when you slowly strip THEM), laid him down on the bed, and proceeded to give him a sensual massage.

He loved it so much that he took me out to a very nice restaurant and dancing, even though he hates to dance! When we got home he gave me one of the best nights of lovemaking that we've ever had! He still talks about it today! The best part is that now we both try to do little things for each other whenever we can. We've actually set up a new section of our household budget that is solely for this purpose and labeled it "romance."

P.S. Your "thank you" may differ slightly, but one thing is for sure -- they'll never forget it, and neither will you!

Steamy Lunch Dates

Steamy Lunch Dates
by Brettani Shannon


Nothing heats things up a relationship more than a sexy surprise. However, busy schedules and family time can often get in the way of passion. When you've found that your sex life has taken a back seat to your everyday life, spice things up with a lunchtime rendezvous. Here are some great ideas on how to do lunch with your lover.

* Leave an invitation for lunch on their pillow, on the refrigerator, or on their windshield. Somewhere they're sure to find it. You could also text them or email them at work.

* Send a sexy note or gift to your love at their work (make sure to add “for your eyes only” on the note card to avoid any embarrassing unwrapping).

* Pack a picnic and take them to a secluded place for some food and maybe something more.

* Serve aphrodisiac dishes like asparagus, a salad with arugula, almonds, or avocado and ginger or honey dressing (all foods associated with sexual energy). Other dishes might include pesto pasta (almost all of the ingredients are aphrodisiac foods), oysters, or anything with figs, pineapple, strawberries or raspberries. Wine, truffles, and chocolate are also known aphrodisiacs.

* Show up for lunch wearing a “sexed up” version of your everyday clothes. For her: Wear short or pencil skirts, hair down, partly unbuttoned dress shirts, low back tops, garters, stiletto heels, anything that shows a little skin, something you know they love to see you in. For him: wear cologne, tight undershirt, a quality dress shirt unbuttoned a little, your “nice booty” jeans, or even her favorite suit and accessories.

* Don’t give it up. Let the lunch date be foreplay. Close your lunch with a promise for dessert that night.

* Show up at their office and make yourself available for a little “broom closet” action.

* For a seriously steamy luncheon, do a little role playing. Be your lover’s business partner, “escort,” or blind date.

However you plan your lunch date, remember that the point is to let your lover know how much you care and to keep them thinking about you for the rest of the day!

Role-playing: Lingerie Fashion Show

Role-playing: Lingerie Fashion Show
by Jennifer Good


Baring it all may be sexy, but nothing's quite as erotic as giving a glimpse of something more promising. This month's role-play takes advantage of your man's natural instinct to "see more" by giving him a fun, sexy fashion show of his favorite attire - lingerie.

What You'll Need:

For this role-play, you only need a few things: a collection of your favorite lingerie, some candles, and mood music. If your lingerie collection currently lacking, take this idea a step further by sneaking him into the dressing room of your favorite store while you try on a new wardrobe.

Setting the Mood:

Leave one of your own favorite undergarments attached with a note somewhere he'll find it. On the note, leave a message that invites him to an all-access backstage pass to this year's ultimate designer lingerie showcase. Give him the details of where and when he should meet you.

Prior to the night leave notes with little teasers such as:

- "I have something black and silky I know you'll like."
- "Did you know I look delicious in red?"
- "I can't wait for you to unwrap my newest present."

Additional Ideas:

* Let him take pictures of you while you strut your stuff. Keep your favorites and make him a framed keepsake or an erotic calendar.
* Use props to add dimension to your role-play. Great items you probably already have include gloves, scarfs, heels and jewelry.
* Make sure to do your hair and makeup in a flirty, sexy style.
* Be comfortable in the outfits you pick out. If you're not comfortable with lingerie, piece together some sexy outfits instead. Get creative with short skirts, sleepwear, swimwear and even workout clothes. Even your normal undergarments with large jewelry, great hair, makeup and heels will have a huge impact on your partner.

14 Days of Sex Positions

14 Days of Sex Positions
by Brettani Shannon

Rock his world for Valentines Day this year. Begin your celebration February 1st and have your way with him every day for 14 days. Each day, you will find a new sex position and sexy variations to play around with. This is sure to be a Valentine’s Day celebration he will never forget!

Day 1 - Connecting Emotionally
Get into missionary position with the your legs wrapped high around his back. Your man leans over to one side with his elbow supporting him, the other is free to hold you or caress you. Your body leans slightly with his. One of your shoulders comes up and the same hip follows his to the side. That position, halfway between being on your back and being on your side, facilitates very intimate lovemaking.

Day 2 - Animal Love
Experiment with versions of the classic doggie style by repositioning the angles of your hips and torso. Try rocking your hips up or down, spreading your legs wide or bringing them in between his and closing your thighs tight. You can bring your hips forward into more of a push-up position or push back into him. He could stay upright or sit down on his feet, bringing you with him.

Next, experiment with letting your chest fall to the bed or coming upright to stand up on your knees. From there, reach back and around his neck or grab onto his thighs, even lean forward and support yourself on the wall.

For the last (but certainly not least) animal love position, slide to the edge of the bed and have your guy stand on the floor behind you. Slide your knees in or out to level your hips with his.

Day 3 - Flat Out
Lie down flat on your tummy and have him lie on top of you. There isn’t much you can do in this position other than rocking your hips one way or the other; it is all up to him. You may be wondering where the fun is in that, but let me tell you, your lack of control is part of the thrill. You’ve got to just let your partner work his magic. It’s the perfect position for him to caress your legs, cheeks, back, neck, and arms. He can kiss and nibble on your neck to his hearts content.

Day 4 - Bedroom Acrobatics
Today is the day to get crazy. This is the position that makes the Love Swing worth buying, but hey, if you’ve got a regular swing and can use it without being reported for public indecency, then go ahead and use it! Without the support, things can get a little tricky, but there are definitely some fun options for you.

Envision yourself as a wheelbarrow. You are face down with your hands on the floor and your lover is standing behind you. In the swing, it’s effortless to strap yourself in and fall forward to let your legs fly up behind you. He can hold your legs out to the side from underneath or let the leg straps do the work and grab onto your hips. You can wrap your legs around his back as well.

If you are trying this without the support of a swing, it may be easier for your man to be on his knees and you on your forearms, but even then, it could be quite a challenge. To achieve a similar effect, stack pillows or use a Liberator Wedge placed at the edge of a bed to support your body into a position much like the Downward Facing Dog yoga pose, with your chest resting on the bed instead of your hands on the floor, making it much less awkward for your man to hold up your bottom half.

Day 5 - Quite Clitoral
Today is the day to play around on top. While you are on top, see how it feels to move your hips in different ways. Slide forward and back (back to center or beyond, as long as it is comfortable for you both) without lifting yourself off of his body at all. Try this sitting up with your torso at varying degrees and feel the difference. You can also lay down fully onto your partner’s chest and rock your hips forward and back (which makes an up and down motion on him).

Experiment with the placement of your legs as well. See how it feels to have them alongside your lover’s hips. Then, tuck your toes under his thighs and have him close his legs all the way. Try tucking your toes under your bum, on top of his thighs.

Another position is to bring your legs forward instead of folded underneath you. Your lover can try a few tricks of his own with you on top. He can raise his torso up slightly or all the way, he can open or close his legs, and he can squeeze his bum and press into you. If he sits up all the way, try wrapping your legs around his back for a whole new experience. Hold him close or lean back with the support of his arms.

If you are still looking for more, flip around into a reverse cowgirl position. You are still sitting on top, but you are facing his feet instead! In this position, you can lean back to let him wrap his arms around your body. This way, he can explore you with his hands, but he can't see what he's touching!

Day 6 - Standing Ovation
There are so many creative ways to make love standing up, but depending on his size and how your bodies fit together, some are better than others. Your man can come from behind while you lean forward to brace yourself against a wall (most anyone can achieve this one) or he can use his body to press you flat against the wall (takes a little more finesse), or you could bend all the way over so you are supporting yourself with your hands on the floor (this one could hurt if he’s really very well-endowed).

You can also turn face to face (aligning your bodies with a stool if necessary) and hold each other close (only for the well-endowed). Part your legs far enough for penetration and then close them again for maximum clitoral stimulation. Stay close or hold onto each other for balance and lean your torsos away from each other. The range of movement is limited, but smaller tantric movements like this one can be incredibly intimate.

Day 7 - Bend Over Backwards
You kneel, then sit on your feet and lie back onto the floor, allowing your thighs to spread. He climbs on top of you, holding your arms high above your head. Depending on how your bodies align, he’s got the option of being between your things, over you like a push-up position, or straddling you. He can kiss and nibble on your shoulders, chest and arms in this position with ease. While this position might take some effort to stay in, it is more than worth the work. Your breasts are taut, your clitoris is exposed, and you are really quite at his mercy, making it extra hot!

Day 8 - Tender Times
Make love in the spooning position for a passionate and intimate connection. You each have a free arm to caress each other with. Reach up and around his neck for a super sexy kiss. You can easily maneuver into variations of this position by wrapping your top leg over and around his or rolling slightly onto your tummy and your man reaching over you to support himself with his hand on the bed near your shoulder.

Day 9 - Anywhere, Anytime
Hop up on a kitchen counter, on the washing machine, his/your desk at the office, or even the hood of your car. Call your man over, wrap your legs around him, and go to town. If he’s strong enough to do it without being awkward, he can lift you from your seated position and hold you up against a wall for a little variation.

Day 10 - The Quest of the O
For optimal G-Spot stimulation, try this on for size. Get your guy to stand next to the bed. You lie on your back with your bum at the very edge. Use a Liberator wedge or a stack of pillows underneath you to prop your hips up. Doing so will your hips to meet without him having to crouch, but more importantly, it tilts your pelvis into a position that is perfect for G-spot stimulation. You can wrap your legs around him, rest them on his shoulders or chest, or he can hold them up for you. He can grip your hips and bring you to him or use his hands to caress and play with your body.

Day 11 - Trading Places
It’s time to try a reverse missionary position. Your man lies on his back with his legs parted. You lie on top of him in between his legs. Open your thighs enough to allow penetration, and then close them again to grip him tightly. Pump just like he would in a traditional missionary position. You won’t believe the increased stimulation you will feel, not to mention the excitement of trading places!

Day 12 - Have a Seat
Get into traditional doggie style position, but then have your man sit up and back on his knees. Let your hips come back with him. Then, find which torso position you like best. Keep your chest down on the bed, push up to your hands, or sit all the way up with your back against his chest. In that last position, you can kiss each other and caress each other, making it one of those silver screen sex positions you always wanted to experience.

Day 13 - Classic and Fantastic
The missionary position is always nice, but today, you’ll be mixing things up a bit. First, try letting your legs rest flat in a spread eagle position on the bed. Then, bring your knees up, feet flat on the bed. You can thrust your hips up off of the bed to meet him. Next, lower your hips back down to the bed and wrap your legs around him. Experiment with sliding your feet up and down the inside of his legs for a little different stimulation.

Next, try raising your legs up off the bed into a variety of positions. Wrap them around his waist, locking your ankles to allow you a point of leverage to join in his movement. Extend your legs straight out to the side. Try resting one or both of your legs on his shoulders. He can stay lying on top of you, come slightly up to support himself with his arm on the bed or wall behind you.

He could sit back on his knees, holding you up by gripping your thighs against his chest. From there, you can let your legs bend and slide down to his side or bring your knees together with your feet flat on his chest. Experiment here with where your hips are. Feel the difference when you lift them up and slide a pillow underneath you as opposed to resting your back flat on the bed. Have your guy lean forward and push your knees into your chest for a whole new experience! Each variation of the missionary position offers a great new sensation for the both of you.

Day 14 - Blow His Mind
Surprise your lover with today’s position that is just for him. Sit him in a chair, on the couch, or on a seat in the shower and tell him to lean back and enjoy. Start him off with a little oral action, but stop before he gets too excited, take a break. Slide your body up to where you are chest to chest. Kiss him all over, teasing him as you go and then slide your bare skin back down to finish him off. If you just can’t help it, go ahead and climb onto his lap, facing front or back, doing all the work for him.

Top Ten Sexy Gifts

Top Ten Sexy Gifts
by Brettani Shannon

# Sexy Photos
Take photos of yourself in sexy outfits or wearing nothing at all. Take close-ups and distance shots, use revealing and suggestive poses, or take pictures in various locations (in the kitchen, on his car, at the office, in bed). You can use digital software, stickers, or metallic pens to add notes or drawings to your photos. Put the pictures in a little book, email them to your love, or fill up the first part of a photo album with them with a note saying, “there’s more to come.”

# Love Coupons
Use cut out hearts, card stock, or a stack of post-its to make your lover steamy love coupons. They can vary from specific details like “kisses wherever you want for one minute,” or “sex in a ‘certain position’,” to more general coupons like “morning lovin’,” or “a drive to lover’s lane.” You can also decide when your coupons are redeemable: anytime, today only, or as often as you like forever.

# Lingerie
Sweet, naughty, elegant, or outrageous, there is something for everyone. Buying lingerie for someone else can be tricky. Do some research if you need to (see what she already has, sizes, styles, colors, and brands) or go to a lingerie shop and ask for assistance in finding something that you can’t go wrong with.

# Share Your Fantasies
Over drinks at a bar, on the couch with hot cocoa, in bed, in a note, in an email, or any other creative way, sharing your sensual fantasies with your partner is a great gift, and its absolutely free. The result of opening up to your lover is greater intimacy in the bedroom and out.

# Sweet And Sexy Gift Baskets
Include anything you want to make yourself into a decedent dessert. Items like whipped cream, chocolate, strawberry, and butterscotch syrups, and cherries are staples. Get creative with the presentation of this gift by dressing up in only an apron, a baker’s jacket and hat, or anything else that will make him think of sweet treats.

# A Striptease For Your Lover
For man or woman, a private striptease is a gift your lover will never forget.

# Sensual Poetry
Download or write your own erotic poetry. Let your imagination and desires take you to places you’ve never been. Erotic poetry doesn’t have to be graphic. You can use metaphors and imaginative expressions to convey your sentiment. (Hint: if you are not sure how to get started, take a look at LYC's sensual poems.)

# Personalized Erotic Stories
Write a sexy story starring you and your lover (you can also purchase personalized romance novels online). It can be a fictional story about one of your fantasies, or a retelling of hot moment between the two of you.

# A CD Of Lovemaking Music
Burn a CD of music that makes you feel sexy. Keep in mind the flow of things while choosing the order of songs. Listen to them and imagine what you want to do with your partner during that song. Then, get creative when you play the CD. Dance, bathe, massage, kiss, and make love to the music.

# Love Games
While you can buy games, making your own is half the fun. Personalized sexual trivia (my favorite place to be kissed is___. Where did we make love for the first time? etc.) is a fun way to reminisce and get in the mood. Make up your own erotic spinner or dice using things you know the other person loves. Set up a sexy scavenger hunt with clues, sexy little gifts (toys and pictures) and a grand prize (you!).

Sexy Surprises For Your Lover


Jennifer Good

1. Welcome your lover in the nude or completely decked out in lingerie!

2. Visit them wearing only a trench coat.

3. Take after the movie, Varsity Blues, and wear a whipped cream bikini (this works both ways!!).

4. On your next "road trip" surprise your love with an unexpected sensual pleasuring.

5. Volunteer to be a human sundae.

6. Unexpectedly turn off all the lights, light a few candles then slowly begin to undress your partner and pleasure only them.

7. Surprise your love with a fun, sensual strip dance.

8. Tell your partner you've planned a great date night for them and instead spend the night playing sensually related games like Strip Poker or one of the games listed here!

9. Pretend to be going somewhere and instead pull over to a secluded spot somewhere and make love in the car.

10. Wake your love up in the morning with a surprise sensual pleasuring.

Striptease 101

by Brettani Shannon

Striptease 101Give your man a special treat he'll never forget - a surprise striptease! It's the perfect unexpected treat, and is something he's sure to remember better than any box of candy or stuffed animal. And don't worry...any woman can give a great striptease, even if your body isn't "perfect" or you're naturally shy. The following tips will help make certain that your sexy surprise will be an enormous success!

First let's address what to wear...

* Choose clothing that accentuates your most beautiful body parts. This is one time that it’s appropriate to show a lot of skin. Anything from elegant gowns, baby-dolls, sexy lingerie, cute two-piece sets, or little dresses are great to wear.

* Whatever you wear, make sure it can be removed easily. Don’t wear a corset that you have to unbutton, or a tight dress that’s difficult to slip out off. Avoid anything too complicated that you will have to fidget with to get off. Clothing that zips in back or fitted clothing that doesn’t stretch can also be difficult to remove.

* Make sure that your panties frame your cheeks and show off your shape. We all wear those comfy panties that no one else should see, but for the purpose of seducing your man, the guidelines are: the top of the back of your panties should reach no more than two inches above your cheeks. Any higher than that and they give the illusion that your caboose is a lot longer than it is. Try on booty shorts, full bottomed panties, thongs, and g-strings to see which you feel best in. Also, if they leave lines on your body after you take them off, they are too tight.

* The choice to wear shoes or not is a personal preference, as both looks are sexy. If you do choose to wear shoes, choose them wisely. Stilettos are the perfect choice if you can handle them, as the high heel makes your legs look much longer. If moving gracefully in stilettos is too daunting, dancing with bare feet can also be very seductive. You should stay away from short, one-inch heels. They look great with pants and skirts, but give the illusion of shortening naked legs. Shoes that are too high will also inhibit your movement and may make you fall, so choose shoes that you feel confident wearing. Strapless shoes can be removed gracefully, but if yours need to be buckled, you'll probably want to remove your clothing without taking off your shoes. Almost anything stretchy can be taken off over your shoes, but it would be a good idea to practice first.

* Stockings are a sexy addition to almost any outfit. They can be knee high or thigh high, worn with or without garters. Whichever you choose, make sure to get a large enough size. It can help to get a size too large so that they don't constrict your legs and cause unsightly bulges while you're moving. A tip: it can be really sexy to leave your stockings and garter belt on for a while after your dance. If you'd like to do this, wear a thong or g-string on the outside so that they can be removed without having to unhook your garters.

The seductive addition of props...

* Use a rose or a large feather to entice and tease him. During your dance, take the feather and gently tickle him from his cheek and neck down his shoulder to his fingertips without letting him touch you back. Sit on a chair and while holding your frame tall, slide your feet apart enough to tease him, and gently dust yourself from neck to thigh with the feather.

* Even though the goal is to take off your clothes, covering up is still very sexy. Use a nice shawl, wrap, or piece of sheer fabric, to tease him. Wrap it around yourself while giving him peeks. Use it during your dance or when you get up close and personal. This can also double as a great cover up if you feel more comfortable being a little less exposed.

* If you want to try using a retractable pole, you can also purchase a how-to video for tricks, but the best part of using a pole is that it is a fun addition to your ambiance.

* Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or any other "dessert on you" accessories are great if you want to let him be more than a spectator. Use these sweets as a segue into the interactive portion of your show.

Setting the stage for ambiance...

* After you choose the songs you want, make a mix CD or playlist and pay attention to the order of the songs so that you can choreograph your routine and not have to change songs in the middle.

* Use low, indirect lighting because it is both flattering (making you more comfortable) and more intimate. Achieve the perfect lighting by mixing candles with lamps and colored bulbs.

* If your room is lacking intimacy, dress it up by draping deep colored valances or adding velvet or satin throws and pillows to your furniture.

Get comfortable with these dancing tips...

* Practice in the mirror, or better yet, videotape yourself dancing so that you can look at yourself and see which moves you like.

* Use low, indirect lighting because it is both flattering (making you more comfortable) and more intimate. Achieve the perfect lighting by mixing candles with lamps and colored bulbs.

* Dance on your feet and on the floor. On the floor, try opening and closing your legs or leaning your knees from one side to the other. Experiment with different angles. Try caressing yourself when you don't know what else to do.

* Move in time to the music. Turn around and walk seductively.

* Some moves always look good. One is lying on your back with your knees bent, another is arching your back and the last is bending over from the waist, a little or a lot, with your backside towards your partner. You can also try this from the side angle or while leaning on a chair or against a wall.

* In any standing poses, give yourself a little spank and wink at your guy. It's naughty, but cute.

* Try sliding down a wall and then back up. Slide your hands along the wall beside you or let them go to your thighs, both very sexy.

* Use your hair. Men love women's hair. While standing up, kneeling, or sitting, stretch your torso while you pull your hair up and let it fall again. If you have really long hair, arch your back while standing and tilt your head back letting your hair swish your backside.

* Skim your fingertips over any part of you and he'll be begging for more. Try caressing your breasts the way you like him to do. It will blow his mind.

* Smile at him; use your lips and your eyes to seduce him. Blow kisses, wink, and give him those bedroom eyes. Don't be afraid to laugh, talk, or even growl if you feel like it. Even if you don't feel confident, the more confidence you can portray the more erotic it will feel for him.

* Point your toes whenever your foot is not on the floor. It is more feminine and graceful than a flexed foot.

Extra stripping tips...

* Removing your clothes gracefully can be a challenge. Avoid taking your top off like a man takes off his t-shirt. While it may be sexy to watch them do it, it is quite the opposite for a woman. If you chose something that needs to be removed by slipping it over your head, seductively slip it off by pulling it from the bottom on the sides while standing up tall; don't hunch over.

* When taking your bottoms off, try slipping them off over your shoes or bare feet while standing straight-legged. Do this by bending over from the waist and guiding them off all the way to the floor and then stepping out of them. If this isn't easy for you, try bending your knees or taking your bottoms off while lying on your back.

* It is not imperative to remove all of your clothing. Stripping down to a little something sexy is equally as alluring. Remember to do as much as you are comfortable with. It should be a fun and exciting experience for both of you.

Lap Dance 101...
The point is of a lap dance is to tease him, but still making it more interactive by letting him get in a little snuggling, touching, and kissing in.

* You can sit next to him and then lean over him with your chest touching his, turn toward the ceiling and caress yourself a little, or turn facedown with your shoulder and side rubbing across his tummy and chest.

* Position yourself on top of him, sitting on your knees on his thighs. This allows you to rise up and down. When rising up, let his nose graze your chest and tummy. You can give him a little squeeze with your breasts as well. When you come down, bring your legs together and slide down to the floor.

* "Dancing" close to him like this is great fully clothed, partially clothes, in the nude, or partially covered with a wrap. Move your body in time to the music. Simulate what you might do in the bedroom once in a while to really heat things up.

* Turn around and sit in his lap. Pull up your hair and let yourself lean back to where your shoulders and neck are close to his face. Get creative, caressing yourself and him.

* Stroke his hair, the back of his neck, and his chest. Kiss him and let him kiss you.

The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. Having fun being sexy for him is more arousing than any of the particular moves or tricks. Pick and choose the tips from this guide that help you to feel confident and go for it! Your Valentine striptease will be a gift he'll never forget, and one he'll hope to get every year after.


Inspire Sensual Play

Inspire Sensual Play
10 ideas to get things going!
by Jennifer Good!

1. Read erotic fiction or prose together.

2. Act on each other's fantasies.

3. Watch an erotic movie together.

4. Play a sensual board game.

5. Create a mock lingerie photo shoot. If you are comfortable, use a Polaroid or video camera for more realism.

6. Study up on new sexual positions you'd like to try with your partner. Get a few index cards, and write one idea on each card. Every time you want to try a new position, mail your partner the card. Or, leave it in a private place where they will find it.

7. Visit an erotic toy store, either online or nearby, and talk about different things you may want to purchase in the future and why.

8. Create a sensual kit that you both may use during any love play time. Fill it with items you would both be comfortable using, such as: tea lights, feather, massage lotion, blindfold, silk scarf, rose petals, camera, etc.

9. Create a Love Play Book Club. Go to a bookstore or library together, and each of you choose one how-to type sensual book. Set a date somewhere around the two week mark, with separate days for each other. On your day, you or your partner will provide the other with a demonstration of what they learned.

10. Experiment with food. Take a special trip to the grocery store together. Only purchase things you plan on using that night. Alternatively, you could raid your kitchen for items you would like to use.


Water Play

Water Play
Water PlayHave fun with water.
by Bob Narindra

Water can be both a wonderful aphrodisiac and a great sensual aid due to the fact that its natural buoyancy leaves your body feeling almost weightless.

One great place to take advantage of this is in the bath, especially when the mood is set by the warm, soft glow of candlelight and the stimulating scent of your partner's favorite bath oils. Add bubbles to the bath to really make the scene a sensual wonderland.

Have your partner get into the bath first and then climb in behind them, gently wrapping your legs around their torso. While in this position, you will find you have access to almost every part of your partner's body. Using the bath oils, soap or shampoo, gently massage their head, neck shoulders and back. Then, while you are still behind them, reach round and massage their chest and lower body. Once properly stimulated, have your partner turn around and make love in a seated position.

Another great place to enjoy the qualities of water is in the shower. While showering, you can give each other a full body massage, paying particular attention to the erogenous zones. Another great idea is to use the shower as a tool for both pleasure and punishment. If your partner is good, you can reward them with warm water, and if they are bad, you can punish them with a shot of cold water. Be sure to take advantage of the different settings that your shower may have to offer. By using the jet, spray and mist settings (if available) you can simulate different rainy weather conditions and fantasize that you are in fact making love outside, or in a tropical rain forest.

When it comes to water, few things beat the skinny-dipping in the swimming pool, especially when it is heated on a starry night. Utilize the steps or a ledge in the pool to experiment with and find your most comfortable position. Another idea is for the female to brace herself against the edge of the pool while being pleasured from behind.

In the colder months, a more realistic place is a Jacuzzi or hot tub. Use the powerful hot jets of water to first relax your partner and then stimulate their sensual body parts. To enhance the mood, you can also purchase various oils and bubble bath products that are specifically designed for spa. These are available from most pool supply stores.


Solutions to common fantasies that won't compromise your relationship

If You Dare...
If You Dare... Solutions to common fantasies that won't compromise your relationship!
by Jennifer Good

Sexual exploration is a healthy and loving way to gain a deeper connection with your partner. Sometimes though, the explorations we may desire to try can end up creating more harm than good. With this in mind, you'll find listed below ideas to act out five of the top ten sensual fantasies, as rated by users, in ways that will not compromise you or your partner. Whenever you are acting out a sexual encounter, remember to talk about your needs and desires first. Make sure you both are aware of your limitations and your comfort zones.

The Threesome
Personally, I don't encourage couples to have a third-party enter into the scenario. For some couples it can work perfectly fine, although for most the experience can result in harboring jealousy and resentment. If a ménage à trois is high on yours or your partner's list of fantasies instead try something that can recreate the senses of actually having one. For instance, you may try:

* calling a couple's phone sex line
* taking advantage of the use of sexual toys to achieve multiple feelings
* mocking an encounter with a third person by blindfolding your partner and pretending to be two people

Sex On The Beach
More than a name for a great drink, sex on the beach can be a beautifully erotic experience. If you are not fortunate enough to live close to a beach, or fear public exposure, you can easily recreate this experience with a little imagination. Suitable alternatives include making use of a pool, hot tub or bubble bath. If outdoors, make sure it is a night of a full moon. If indoors, play a CD of ocean sounds and light a few candles to help set the mood.

Sex In A Public Place
The ideas for public sexual encounters are endless. A few of the classic ideas include making love at the drive-in, having sex at a hotel with the windows open, on a rooftop, on a patio or balcony and in the woods. For more ideas view these links: Places To Make Love and More Places To Make Love

Role Playing An Encounter
Role-playing is a very creative outlet, and can steam up any night of passion. A few role-playing scenarios you and your partner might enjoy include police officer and suspect, teacher and student, nurse and patient, construction worker and house wife, or employer and employee. To add authenticity, dress up in your role and truly act in character. Do agree to have a code word to stop, for the unlikely case that things get too uncomfortable.

There are many varying degrees of domination. Most couples admit that a slight degree of domination by their partner is an exciting turn on. A light game of domination could consist of simple requests such as kiss me here, or wash me there, feed me those strawberries, etc. If this is something you'd both like to try you'll need to set verbal guidelines of what would be considered going to far for each partner. Again, agree on a code word that indicates for the other person to stop.


Live Out A Secret Fantasy

Live Out A Secret Fantasy
Break through your intimidation barrier with these 35 fantasies!

If you've been longing to add something a little extra to your sexual life, now may be just the time to experiment! We asked users to share their ultimate fantasy! Below you'll find their top 10 fantasies, as well as a few of our favorites for you to try...if you dare!

Click here for the top 10 fantasies!

1. "I would like to kiss him with champagne and roses all over." -Mehar

2. "I would like making love to her in a swimming pool." -Vicks

3. "I would like to one day to go to the park, and have sex in the woods." -Bobby

4. "I would like to make love to my partner in front of all of our friends. I think it would be so thrilling to have an audience!" -VAB

5. "I would to be in bed, and she would approach me (in her sexy lingerie), and we would tease each other. Then, slowly start making out, and we would touch each other. Actually, this has happened once before. But repetition isn't illegal, right?" -Neo

6. "I would like being tied up and blindfolded." -Cat

7. "I would enjoy a threesome with another woman." -Snowflake

# "It's kind of simple, but I'd just love to have sex on a beautiful beach with my love." -Emma

# "My ultimate fantasy would be for my man to take me to an island like Hawaii, and go on a walk to see exotic plants and animals. Then, after the long, sweaty walk we would come up to a waterfall and cave. He would take me behind the waterfall and make love right there. That sounds perfect." -Butta

# "I would like it if I am a Dominatrix and he is my lowly submissive sex slave. We do this on a smaller scale already, but I would like to play it up a bit more." -Tori

# "I would like being tied up while he has his way with me." -Kelly

# "I would like having sex outside under the stars on the Fourth of July." -Anonymous

# "My boyfriend and I once talked about making love on a crowded bus. I guess a Greyhound bus, something with big comfy seats and high chair backs so we can be little more discreet than say on a school bus. We imagined that we had a burning desire for each other, but that we had never acted on it. For some reason I'm upset with him. I am sitting next to the window looking out and completely ignoring him. In fact he is sitting so far away from me that you could fit another person between us. He then slides over close to me, and we kiss ever so slowly. I then take my sweater off, and place it over our laps concealing our hands, which we use to explore and tease each other. We finish off the bus ride with me sitting on his lap, facing forward with my back to him and my skirt spread out over his lap, to hide the fact that his pants are unzipped. We are truly riding the bus home." -Sea

# "I would like to just kiss her all over her body, and after all this I would make love to her for the whole night." -Mikki

# "I would love to role play a "first meeting seduction" with my significant other, where he and I go somewhere new and act as if we had just met. I would love to have him seduce me all over again as if we had never met." -Tall Lady

# "I always wanted to dance very closely, while French kissing with my partner. Just dancing while rubbing up against his muscular tense body would make me crazy! (In a good way!) -Anonymous

# "Some people may find this a bit weird, but I want to make love to my significant other in a mud puddle while it's raining. To top it off, follow it by taking a shower together to rinse all the mud off." -Sweet & Sexy

# "I would like making love outdoors in a big field in the middle of the day." -Monica

# "I would like to have hot sex outside in a thunder storm with rain pouring all around us, lightening maybe if it is a ways from us. I find that thought exciting." -Jacinda Wood

# "This may seem cliché, but I want to show up at his work, in the middle of the day, in nothing but a trench coat and sexy heels, and make love to him right then and there!" -Mel

# "Having sex in a public place where we can get easily caught, such as the bathroom, a car in a parking lot, etc." -Marky's Stiney

# "I would like to abduct her, and make her my love slave for the weekend." -Anonymous

# "Well, I would walk her out to her car when she goes to work. One day we would get into a heated kiss and my hand would roam up her skirt, but not past the panties. I'd like to give her oral sex while she's sitting in her car in her skirt." -Aaron

# "We would be standing by a fire, and he would start kissing the back of my neck. He would not stop there. All of a sudden, it would start to rain, and we go to the deck and make passionate love there." -Wendy

# "I would like being seduced, then made love to. I would enjoy being told how much he loves making love to me, slowly and sexy for hours in our hut on the beach while stranded." -Fantasylifeforme

# "I would like to watch my wife make love to another woman." -Tony

# "I would like to make love to my boyfriend in my parent's rose garden during a full moon, knowing they are inside the house, but I obviously wouldn't want them to catch me! -Tara

# "I would like making love with him in a room of about 10 couples and everybody is blindfolded." -Cindy

# "I would like making love on a blanket in the soft grass of the city park, with only the stars to watch us." -Mike's Girl

# I would like role-playing he's the cop and I'm the bad guy." -Anonymous

# "My fantasy takes place in an elevator. The elevator stops on the way up, and my partner gets on wearing a fireman's outfit. He has nothing on except for the overalls and the boots, he grabs me and we start fooling around. He eventually puts out my fire! -Anonymous

# "I would like to dress up in a skimpy maid's uniform, and have him be a rich and successful businessman who is cheating on his wife with me. He comes home after a long day at work only to catch a glimpse of a lacy bra peaking out from my uniform. He then just bends me over a table and thrusts like mad from behind me. He should be very rough with me, and act like he's just using me for his sexual pleasure. That is so hot!" -Crystal

# "I would like driving nude in the car." -Paul

# "I would love to have sex on the Eiffel Tower during the night time with all the lights shining. It's a thrill to know someone could see you. Also, Paris is the most romantic city." -Becky

# "I would like it if I'd be the nurse, and my lover would be the patient. First, I would do oral care by French kissing. Then, I'd take off his shirt and give a nice massage with warm, scented oil. Next, I would get in bed and instruct the patient to come to me, taking off his pants in the process...and so on from there!" -Nursy


The Oral Factor

The Oral Factor
Create an oral experience he'll never forget!!
by Jennifer Good

If your man loves to receive oral sex, and whose doesn't, these four oral encounters are sure to keep him begging for more! Before you decide to complete an encounter, spice things up by printing out the coordinating invitation (except #4) and give it to them. This will create the added factor of sweet, tempting anticipation! So, if you're ready to knock his socks off, read on!

Encounter #1: Hot & Cold
Click On: Printable Invitation
When your partner arrives, tell him to take off his clothes and lie on the bed, or wherever you choose. Then hand him a blindfold and tell him to put it on. After he has done this, let him lay there in suspense for a few minutes. When you are ready, reach over to your hidden cup of warm drink (coffee, hot chocolate, etc.) and take a sip. Then proceed to pleasure him with your mouth. When he is really into it, reach down and put an ice cube in your mouth. Then proceed to pleasure your partner again. Keep switching these until needed. :)

Encounter #2: Look But Don't Lick
Click On: Printable Invitation
When your partner arrives, tell him to take off his clothes, or help them out of them yourself. Have him lie down on the bed. Then undress yourself, if you are not already undressed, and get in the 69 position with you on top of him, but a direction so your lower body is above his head. Instruct him that no matter what you do he is not allowed to touch you, or you will completely stop what you are doing and walk away. Then proceed to pleasure him, but with the secret of making him think you are enjoying giving him the pleasure more than he could possibly be receiving it. You can do this by rotating your torso, moaning, pretending to move your body as if having sex with him, etc.

Encounter #3: The Better To Please You With My Dear
Click On: Printable Invitation
For this encounter, your creativity is the only block. Keep a basket of oral sex aides handy. You might include strong mints, coffee, ice, pop rocks, fruit, chocolate syrup, whip cream, heating or icy edible massage oil, etc. When your partner arrives for his appointment, have him undress and put on a blindfold. Then have him sit in a chair or on the side of the bed. Then one-by-one try using all of the items you've collected inside your treat basket. He'll never know what hit him!

Encounter #4: Wherever You Go, There I Am
Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to mind blowing sex, pun intended! Spice things up by giving him pleasure at the most unexpected times and places. Below are a few suggestions!

* While they are asleep.

* Under their desk while they are working.
Pretend to be getting something, or looking at something under their desk. On your way up stop and surprise them!

* While they are watching T.V.
Walk over to your partner, and in an extremely causal tone say, "Enjoy and your show and don't mind me." Then start undoing their pants.

* While they are on the phone.
Walk over to your partner and put your finger over your mouth, signaling them to be quiet. Then start undoing their pants...

* While they are taking shower.
This is best done if you are wearing some kind of clothing like your night gown or something you don't mind getting wet. They should get the impression that this was a spur of the moment idea, and you didn't even want to wait to take off your clothes.


20 Sexy Ways With Whip Cream

20 Sexy Ways With Whip Cream
Create an experience they'll never forget with these ideas!
Sexy Ways With Whip Cream

In a weekly poll, we asked users how they would use whip cream on their partner. Below are twenty ideas that will help you create a night they'll never forget!!

I would spray it on all of his body and slowly lick, kiss, and suck the cream off SLOWLY--enticing him to the breaking point!!
-Barbara, 34

First, I would use it on her eyebrows and lids to be gently licked off. Next, I would use it in her hair to be massaged in. Then, little dollops one by one all over her body, scooped up with strawberries, which I would share with her.
-Anonymous, 36

By using the kind that sprays out of a can, you can put whipped cream undies on each other and then remove each other's undies by the licking them off!!
-Pab, 36

I would sensually massage him and then serve him up to me like a delicious banana split and eat every morsel. Chocolate syrup, pop rocks, strawberries and whipped cream...YUM!
-Kelly, 36

I would slowly strip them, then restrain them using bondage--handcuffs, then blindfold them. I would apply the cream wherever I felt like it. Then use my tongue to lick it of her. Which means it could go wherever I wanted!
-Anonymous, 20

I like to put it on her sexy little toes and suck it off.
-Don, 30

I would use it to top the ice cream on his belly as I turn him into my ice cream sundae.
-Brandi, 25

I'd put it on my finger for him to suck off.
-Amy, 26

I would love to make a whipped cream bikini on my wife's body. Then she could do one on me, and we'd hug, roll around, and lick the cream off each other's body.
-Stan, 38

Just as a bit of fun throw it all over him, kind of a cream fight. Then the real fun would be cleaning it all off. Or, maybe make a pretty pattern across his back and enjoy myself licking it off.
-Anonymous, 18

First, I would use it in every crevice of his body except for the goodies. Then I would follow it with the chocolate, caramel, and strawberries handy. (We'll be working off those calories later!) Next, I'd make a huge smiley face somewhere... Then I'd spray it on both of our nipples, so he can enjoy it too--if we make it this far!
-Nina, 20

I would get a can of whip cream and spray it on his abs while he is blindfolded, and I'd then lick it all off.
-Cheryl, 18

I would put some on my finger and trace his lips with it, then slowly lick his lips. Then, I would cover his nipples and lick it off.
-Anonymous, 33

I would love to fill our bathtub with it and have fun in it!
-Allen, 24

I'd put a little bit in my mouth and then deeply French kiss him. He loves sugar!
-Nat, 18

My boyfriend and I bought a couple of the flavored whip creams at a sex shop. After forgetting about it, one day I was walking out of the bedroom and he sprayed me in the face with some. I ran and found the other bottle, and so began a whip cream war. The shower together afterwards was even better then the whip cream fight!
-Shelby, 28

First deep-freeze it. Then spread it only on her nipples.
-Milan, 40

Blindfolding him, I'd open his mouth while I spray the whip cream inside just so he could get a little taste. I'd cover his chest in it all the way down and around his penis. Then I'd place strawberries randomly over his chest and slowly eat each one. Then I'd slowly cover him with the whip cream and in ONE long, sensuous stroke of my mouth I'd leave no trace of it behind. Oh yes, there are too many things I'd like to do!
-Terry, 21

We'd write words on each other, punctuated with strawberries.
-Anonymous, 18

I would use whip cream by spreading it all over her most sensitive parts of her body. Then I would get slices of ice-cold peaches and lay them on top of the whip cream. From there I would slowly proceed to satisfy my lover.
-Frank, 25


Fun in the Hot Tub

Fun in the Hot Tub
by Brettani Shannon

Hot tubbing is a pretty routine happening with lovers because the warm water and lack of clothing easily fosters a sensual situation. Until you do things's way though, you've never really heated things up. Use the tips below to make a common experience super spicy.

Sensual Essentials:

Romantic Lighting
Candles, soft lamps, or twinkle lights are an important addition to the romantic ambiance. It's also romantic to watch the sun rise or set in the hot tub, and the lighting is provided for you!

Cold bottles of water, champagne, exotic fruit juices over ice, blended drinks, and cocktails are great hot-tubbing drinks. Beer isn't usually a good choice because it gets too warm too fast. Cold snacks are very refreshing as well. Grapes, carrot sticks, and popsicles are some good suggestions.

While many experts recommend using water-based lubricants, there is a time and a place for non-water based ones. Hot-tubbing is one of them. Use it for all sorts of sensual play (including massage) and it won't rinse off!

Especially for nighttime tubbing, music is another way to further enhance the mood. Make a playlist that is conducive to the mood you hope to achieve.

Things To Do:

Relaxing Rub
Massage away your lover's tension in their shoulders, neck, head, face, back, chest, legs, hands and feet. You can use non-water-based lubricant instead of massage oil to reduce the amount of residue in your tub.

Horizontal Play
Foreplay is great in the water because your bodies are slippery and light, you can't see very well under the water line, and everyone looks sexy when they're wet. However, it is best for your vital parts to be out of the water for intercourse because it is common for a woman to get infections from doing it under water (besides the possible germs, it is something having to do with the water going where it shouldn't having an adverse effect on her delicate lining). Get creative with positioning. Visualize yourself poised over the side, on the ledge, or on his lap. Imagine yourself facing forward and backward in all of those positions.

Fun And Games
There is a great game for hot tub play called "Bathtub Love." There are floating "bubbles" filled with hilarious sensual suggestions. Some are fairly tame while others are pretty wild. A few will have your sides busting at the very thought! Another idea is to use bathtub finger paints or chocolate paints with your lover as the canvas (just make sure you make a clean-up plan beforehand).

Water Play
Bring him to his knees with a super hot water show. Men love to watch water glide over women's skin. Some ways to do it in the tub may be: pouring water from the crown of your head down your back, drizzling it slowly from your chest down your body or squeezing it from a sponge wherever you want him to touch you. Watch your guy melt as the water slips over your curves. Wake him from his trance with a little playful splashing before getting onto other activities. The show could be a spontaneous 30 second tease or a planned-out performance. Either way, it is sure to be a hit with your lover.

Reader Submitted Ideas:

Hot Tub Surprise
Over the past month, my fiancé and I have not had much time to spend together because he started a new job with new hours and I'm usually asleep by the time he gets home. Our weekends are usually filled with wedding planning. But one night, I surprised him when he got home from work. That night he came home to a dark apartment, as usual. He walked into our bedroom to check on me like he always does, but I wasn't asleep. I wasn't even in the room, but I'd left something for him. Sitting on the bed were a pair of his swim shorts, a pair of flip flops, a towel, and a picture I took of myself in the hot tub. He got the hint, and he quickly changed clothes and made his way out to the deck. Once outside, he found me lounging in the hot tub with a bottle of wine and some fresh fruit. The look on his face was priceless! It was a great night, and really let us connect with each other.
--submitted by Eryn

Steamy Romance
Go to your hot tub, set candles all around the edges, and just steam together in each others' arms.
--submitted by Anonymous

An Inexpensive Hot Tub
I live in Michigan and it's always so cold in the winter that I want to find some way to keep warm. One night I had the brilliant idea of using the bath tub as a hot tub. My boyfriend and I both put on our swim suits and climbed in. We've since bought waterproof playing cards for our "hot tubbing" experiences. There may not be a lot of room, but it's a lot of fun. (I discovered Target sells bubble bath finger paint in the section with the regular bubble bath.)
--submitted by Kimber

Caesar's Spa
Do you have an in-ground hot tub? If so, this is a good idea for you to try. In Ancient Rome, people relaxed in spas nude. What an opportunity to treat someone like a king/queen, plus one of you is already without clothes! This could lead to some pleasant rewards from your sweetheart! Find a place to buy or rent some Roman-style columns. Be sure to get one short column, about waist height. Set up the columns around the hot tub, putting the shorter one inside the circle of the bigger ones. Buy a toga at a costume shop (or you could improvise a toga with a plain white bedsheet). Set up a silver tray with finger food like grapes, strawberries, cherries, and mangos, as well as glasses of fruity wine. Put on some slow classical music to set the mood. Set the tray of food on the shorter column and cover it with a towel. As soon as your lover walks through the door, start removing their clothes, saying nothing until they ask what you are doing. Tell them (your name here) ordered that you are to be their servant today. If they use your name, tell them, "I'm not that person," and give them a fake name. Once they are fully undressed, lead them arm-in-arm to the "Spa". Feed them from the tray, and when they've had enough, set the tray aside, and ask, "What would you have me do now, Master?" By now, your sweetheart should have one thing on their mind! Let things progress naturally from there, and enjoy your night in Caesar's Spa!
--submitted by Angel's Sweetie


Sexual Props I

Sexual Props I
by Brettani Shannon

Furniture For Making Whoopee
Variety is the spice of life, so why keep your sex life restricted to the bed when there are plenty of pieces of furniture designed for making whoopee? There are options for everyone... pieces that are perfect for every level of adventure and any budget. Below are the pros and cons of's favorite products and ideas.

The Tantra Chair
Luxurious, high quality, earth friendly, expensive, and very very sexy. Just looking at this beautiful piece of furniture puts sex on the mind because of its sensual curves and inviting texture. It is designed to heighten the sensuality in your lovemaking by making sexual positions easy to do. As you can see from the videos (yes, videos) on their site, the curvature of the chair matches the natural curves of two bodies is every position imaginable. Lying on the chair allows you to be much more comfortable than on a flat surface and leaves you feeling sexier than ever before. The price of $1200 for this chair only adds to the allure of this piece, so the Tantra Chair gets our #1 vote.

Liberator Shapes
Lift your bottom half, bend your top half, support your middle, or elevate your whole self – the choice is yours. The Liberator Stage, Esse, Wedge, and Ramp will do just as they suggest – they liberate you! Forget about feeling awkward trying to get into position. Liberator Shapes are foam pieces designed to make lovemaking easy, comfortable, and more intimate. They are upholstered in Liberator signature fabrics created specifically to handle the messes of sex play while feeling fabulous against your skin. The downsides to this love furniture are that they A. cost a pretty penny (plenty of forum users and reviewers agree that they are more than worth the cost, though) and B. some of the pieces are quite large and therefore, difficult to store discretely. One person suggested storing the stage under the bedroom window with a throw blanket and a couple of pillows to look like a "reading area." Another person told people their Shape was gymnastics equipment for their kids!

The Love Swing
If you've always wanted to try all of those standing positions, but they never feel quite right, then the Loveswing is a must try. The Wheelbarrow? No problem. The Downstroke? No problem. The Bike Pump? No problem there either. My only precautions are that you may struggle a bit with getting in and out gracefully and you may not like the bulge that appears on either side of the leg straps (like can happen with elastic topped thigh highs - not the most flattering on us curvaceous ladies) once you get into position. Just dim the lights when you want to Swing and save yourself the discomfiture.

Around the House Furniture
You can have the fun of using sex furniture without purchasing a thing! Stack pillows of your own. Hop on a dryer or the kitchen counter. Stand on a stair, a stool, or a couch to get into the perfect position. Get creative with what you have! This kind of variety in your sex life is a healthy and fun way to keep things hot in your relationship.

Vibrating Pillows
Pillows alone are great for sex in many ways. One is propping your caboose up for better access. Like the sensation of doing it on the dryer, the little bit of additional movement does more than you might guess! Another great way to use a pillow is to support your pelvis for rear entry positions. Using a vibrating pillow in this position has the added bonus of stimulating your clitoral area. If you're playing with the pillow on your own, it's easy to imagine how a vibrator inserted could be a lot of fun!

Inflatable Sex Furniture
These are not as luxurious to the touch as Liberator Shapes, but inflatable sex furniture serves the same purpose without the trouble of finding proper storage. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You are sure to find the right piece for you. Some of this furniture merges with the world of sex machines as well, so there is definitely more variety as well. Another great thing about inflatables is that you can make as big of mess as you like! Lubricants, oils, water, and even chocolate is no match for this waterproof washable furniture. Their biggest disadvantage is the lack of intimacy that can occur with some couples when the sounds and feeling of the plastic becomes apparent.

The Love Rocker
This piece of furniture is designed to bring out the relaxing side of sex rather than the strenuous. Imagine a bench suspended from straps on a four post structure. You can lie down on it like a bed, strattle your partner, or a variety of other positions like ones you'd typically use in a bed. The difference is that the in and out motion is virtually effortless with the easy gliding motion of the bench. It is "part bed, part chair, and part gravity-powered swing" according to their website. It takes just a few simple steps to collapse the whole thing and discretely tuck it under your bed! Especially for those with any sort of physical problems that make sex difficult, the Love Rocker can help alleviate the strain and therefore increase the intimacy in a relationship.

Sexual Restraint

Sexual Restraint
by Jennifer Good

When you've been with your partner for some time, it's likely the relationship could use a little spice introduced into the normal bedroom routine. For some daring couples, experimenting with a little light bondage may be just the right pick-me-up to re-ignite the sparks of passion. Bondage is a sexual practice involving tying up or restraining your partner. The idea of being restrained is an exciting sexual stimulant for a number of people. If this sounds like something you'd like to try, or you'd like some new creative tips, take a look at the ideas and suggestions below.

All Tied Up

Tying your partner up is a key element to bondage. This makes finding something to restrain your partner a primary focus for this type of love play. You can use something as simple as a bath robe belt or scarf to something more elaborate like a rope or belt system you can purchase at an adult store. Typically, most couples prefer something soft and easy they can hide like a scarf or something more flirty like a pair of "fun" cuffs that you can also get at any adult store. When selecting something, take into consideration your lifestyle, the time you have to devote to your sexual encounters, and both of your personalities. Keep in mind that you may not even need to physically restrain your partner. For some couples, you can achieve the same effect through suggestive wording.

Nowhere To Go

Now that you know what you'll use to restrain your partner, you need to figure out where and how you will do it. If you have a bed with posts or a headboard then you're all set. Alternatively, you could use legs of your bedside tables or, if you use something that's long enough, you can wrap it between your box spring and mattress. For couples that would rather not be "tied down" to something, just do something simple like tying their arms together. When you're ready to try something a little different, a quick perusal of items around your home should turn up something interesting.

Ready and Waiting

Your partner's all tied up and ready for your next move. Wait, what is your next move? This is where the real fun begins, because you can do anything you know your partner would be up to. You can torture them with slow and deliberate kisses all over their body or tickle their senses with a light feather or scarf. Add a blindfold into the mixture and every sense on your partner's body will be elevated. For more inspiration, take a look at these member ideas:

"I know that one fantasy my significant other loves is the idea of him being tied to a chair so that he is unable to move. Then I would do a striptease for him and begin masturbating in full view. Then I would slowly and antagonizingly begin to lightly touch him knowing full well that he wants to be untied NOW...hehehe...but not so fast! You could have lots of fun just teasing and tantalizing him without giving him what he wants...for as long as YOU'RE able to hold out."
--submitted by Freshstart

"I would get a set of handcuffs, a blindfold and a paddle. If he's blindfolded while handcuffed, you can lightly spank him with the paddle and since he can't see, it will up the thrill. What's really fun to do is to alternate massaging and paddling. For example, start with rubbing his back or his legs and then surprise him wih a spank here and there."
--submitted by k_land84

A Word of Caution

This type of love play requires both partners to be completely comfortable with the idea and with each other. If you decide to give this a try, you should set up a code word that lets the other person know you want to stop. Make it something out of the ordinary so it's clear that is what's being said.


Tasty Temptations

Tasty Temptations
by Jennifer Good

Get a little creative in the bedroom by adding a new dimension to your love! Ever since 9 1/2 Weeks, food and seduction have gone hand in hand. Get ready to recreate a little culinary seduction of your own with these ideas from other LYC readers!

Body Paint Alternative
Pudding cups in various flavors work as a great alternative to commercial body paints; each person gets one cup of each flavor. Use the pudding to finger-paint your lover. When you're finished painting, you have to lick off your artwork. Then it's their turn to do the same...or you can try painting each other at the same time, but that gets messy. This can also be done with containers of yogurt, but pudding works best!
--submitted by Sensual Lady

Dressed In Chocolate
My wife literally lives for chocolate. Once, we were going out on a long drive in the country-side. We stopped at a deserted spot and we started having a fun conversation. A little later, I hugged her as show of affection. Now, she has a wonderful habit of planting a kiss over my collar bone and when she did that, she got a surprise! She found a Kit Kat taped to me (in the wrapper, of course.) After finding that, she couldn't resist hunting for each treasure until I was totally stripped. She discovered 20 treasures taped all over my body. Note: it takes a while to attach all the candies and then get dressed over them!
--submitted by Raj

Food Games
I took a bunch of fresh strawberries and cherries and kept the stems on them. I then got some thread and some thumb tacks. I dipped some of the strawberries in a melted chocolate bar and tied string to the stems. The other end of the string I tied to a thumb tack. I then hung them at different lengths over the bed. When my boyfriend got home, I pulled him into bed with me. We sat and talked for a while, and then moved on to "other" things. Every so often during this entire time, one of us would reach up and take a bite of one of the pieces of fruit and feed it to the other.It was a fun way to keep everything interesting!
--submitted by Marie

Whipped Cream Hide & Seek
This is a great game to play with your significant other. The “hider" is naked on the bed, couch, etc. He/she takes a can of cool whip and places a small amount anywhere on her/his body while the “seeker”, wearing a blindfold, must find it using only his/her nose and mouth. It's a great foreplay idea.
--submitted by Josh

The Human Sundae
My boyfriend and I had been speaking about doing this for a while, but I didn't know when we would do it. One day I went over to his house, and when he opened the door, all of the lights were out and there were candles lit. He took my hand and led me to the shower, where he bathed me. He dried me off and led me to the bed. He had bought white sheets for the occasion. Surrounding the bed were cut up strawberries, bananas, ice cream, hot fudge, grapes, and whipped cream. He laid me down and turned me into a human sundae! It was wonderful. Then it was my turn...of course you know what happens next. It was a night I will never forget!
--submitted by Meagan L. Matos


Strip Games

Strip Games
by Jennifer Good

Adding some variety to your everyday sex life can often seem a little uninspired. That's all about to change! Take dressing in your birthday suit to an entirely new level of creativity with these ideas from other real couples . Try any and all of these 12 fabulous stripping games for an exciting new twist to your love play. Getting naked has never been this much fun!

Special Edition Chess
My wife and I really love this game. First, we light the candles and play quiet love music. When all of the pieces are set up we take one last look in each other’s eyes and start the game! Whenever I get one of her chess pieces, I also get to slowly take off one of her clothing items. I like to start with the socks first so that we can save the best for last! Usually the game stays pretty even so that we eventually don’t have any clothes on. One time, she jumped on me before we were even done and you can assume what happened after! Anyways, try this one out because it’s a really great game.
--submitted by Anonymous

Twister Teasers
Spend a night in and play twister, but with a twist. Whoever loses the round must take off an article of clothing. Play as many rounds as you wish, but before long, your sweetie will be all over you!
--submitted by Dacey

Pick A Number
If you like to be silly with your love, here's a fun thing to do: Walk up to them with a big smile on your face, and say, "Pick a number between one and ten." Don't explain why, just tell them to do it. When they make a guess at it, lean in close and whisper, "Nope, you lose. Take off your clothes."
--submitted by Barbara Tilton

Strip Checkers
First, both you and your mate write down a fantasy of yours on a slip of paper. Make sure that each of you is only wearing 4 items of clothing. Woman: shirt, bra, panties, and pants. Man: shirt, undershirt, boxers, and pants. Then play normal checkers. But when you jump one of your lover's pieces you take off one of their pieces of clothing until both of you are naked. Next (once you are both naked) if you jump one of your lover’s pieces you choose something to do to them or choose something for them to do to you. The game goes until one of you wins and the person that wins gets their fantasy to be a reality. This is perfect for making up or rekindling your love life.
--submitted by Anonymous

Strip Cribbage
Very simple. Play a normal game of cribbage... except, the loser of each hand has to remove a piece of clothing. Should one (or both) of you end up naked before the end of the game then the winner of the hand will make a request of the loser to do something to him/her. To make it even more interesting, the winner can tell the loser to do something to themself while he/she watches. No matter what the outcome of the game is, you both end up winners!!
--submitted by W.A.B.

Strip Darts
My husband and I had a dart board laying around the house, so one day we decided to put it up and play a bit of strip darts. We were not too sure how we were going to accomplish this, but we started with 2 decks of cards. I dealt out 10 cards each. We looked at our own cards only (so neither of us knew the others cards). The cards represented #'s on the board (A=1 J=11 Q=12 K=13). We shot the darts with hopes of hitting our #s that were on our cards and not in our partner’s cards. If we hit a number that we had a card for then we then we got to discard that card. Eventually, one of us ran out of cards. The partner who still had cards in their hand had to remove a piece of clothing. Soon enough, all the clothing was removed. My husband was so turned on (even though neither one of us was very good at darts), we both enjoyed the game very much!
--submitted by Secret One

Strip Dice Game
One of you roll the dice to start the game. On each player's turn, they guess whether their roll of the die will be higher or lower than the previous one. If they are incorrect then they must remove one item of clothing. The die is then passed to the other player.
--submitted by Randy

Strip Monopoly
The next time you play Monopoly, use these rules to make it extremely interesting! Every time a player has to pay tax, pay to get out of jail or pay a chance or community chest card, instead of using money, they put a piece of clothing in the middle. Whoever lands on free parking, gets the clothes. The winner, of course, is the one with the most clothing. Just think of the fun you can have with your partner trying to get your clothes back.
--submitted by Roberta

Strip Pop
You will need to write different clothing words on little pieces of papers (ie. shirt, pants, undies and so on). Then you will need to place each piece of paper in separate balloons. Give the balloons to your lover and tell them to pop one at a time. As they pop them, they have to read the paper and remove the clothing stated. If you should get the undies one before your pants, just lay it to the side. It will build the excitement, waiting to take the undies off. You can have some stripper music playing to give your partner a real show. Then you can switch positions. It’s always fun to watch your love strip. Have fun!!
--submitted by Brandi

Strip Scrabble
Spice up the old Scrabble game with this sexy version. Play Scrabble like normal, but with two scoring rules changes. For every 20 points you score, your opponent has to strip off one item of clothing. You play until all tiles are used, and the winner get to assign sexual/romantic favors to the losing partner.
--submitted by Anonymous

Strip Sorry
Ok, we are all familiar with the childhood game Sorry, right? The object of the game is to get your four game pieces into your colored section. In Strip Sorry, you must make sure you and your partner only have four articles of clothing on. After you do that, begin playing the game normally. The person who gets the first piece to the end gets to watch as the other player removes an article of their clothing. This process continues until some one has no clothes on, but then you can quit playing and go into the bedroom.
--submitted by Morgan

Strip Backgammon
Take time to dress up for a night of games. Include candles, soft music, your drink of choice such as wine, beer or mixed drinks, and make sure you have enough alone time. Playing is simple. The winner chooses a piece of clothing for the loser to remove. So if I am lucky, my wife is playing topless... if not, I'm in my boxers. To add some fun, if one of us rolls doubles, then he or she has a choice of something like a kiss, or back rub, or part massage. Doubles happen frequently so we get a lot of touching during the games. Also, if one partner gets gammoned, the winner gets a bigger prize. This certainly keeps us having fun, even in our 17th year together.
--submitted by Anonymous