Sexy Surprises For Your Lover


Jennifer Good

1. Welcome your lover in the nude or completely decked out in lingerie!

2. Visit them wearing only a trench coat.

3. Take after the movie, Varsity Blues, and wear a whipped cream bikini (this works both ways!!).

4. On your next "road trip" surprise your love with an unexpected sensual pleasuring.

5. Volunteer to be a human sundae.

6. Unexpectedly turn off all the lights, light a few candles then slowly begin to undress your partner and pleasure only them.

7. Surprise your love with a fun, sensual strip dance.

8. Tell your partner you've planned a great date night for them and instead spend the night playing sensually related games like Strip Poker or one of the games listed here!

9. Pretend to be going somewhere and instead pull over to a secluded spot somewhere and make love in the car.

10. Wake your love up in the morning with a surprise sensual pleasuring.


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