Live Out A Secret Fantasy

Live Out A Secret Fantasy
Break through your intimidation barrier with these 35 fantasies!

If you've been longing to add something a little extra to your sexual life, now may be just the time to experiment! We asked users to share their ultimate fantasy! Below you'll find their top 10 fantasies, as well as a few of our favorites for you to try...if you dare!

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1. "I would like to kiss him with champagne and roses all over." -Mehar

2. "I would like making love to her in a swimming pool." -Vicks

3. "I would like to one day to go to the park, and have sex in the woods." -Bobby

4. "I would like to make love to my partner in front of all of our friends. I think it would be so thrilling to have an audience!" -VAB

5. "I would to be in bed, and she would approach me (in her sexy lingerie), and we would tease each other. Then, slowly start making out, and we would touch each other. Actually, this has happened once before. But repetition isn't illegal, right?" -Neo

6. "I would like being tied up and blindfolded." -Cat

7. "I would enjoy a threesome with another woman." -Snowflake

# "It's kind of simple, but I'd just love to have sex on a beautiful beach with my love." -Emma

# "My ultimate fantasy would be for my man to take me to an island like Hawaii, and go on a walk to see exotic plants and animals. Then, after the long, sweaty walk we would come up to a waterfall and cave. He would take me behind the waterfall and make love right there. That sounds perfect." -Butta

# "I would like it if I am a Dominatrix and he is my lowly submissive sex slave. We do this on a smaller scale already, but I would like to play it up a bit more." -Tori

# "I would like being tied up while he has his way with me." -Kelly

# "I would like having sex outside under the stars on the Fourth of July." -Anonymous

# "My boyfriend and I once talked about making love on a crowded bus. I guess a Greyhound bus, something with big comfy seats and high chair backs so we can be little more discreet than say on a school bus. We imagined that we had a burning desire for each other, but that we had never acted on it. For some reason I'm upset with him. I am sitting next to the window looking out and completely ignoring him. In fact he is sitting so far away from me that you could fit another person between us. He then slides over close to me, and we kiss ever so slowly. I then take my sweater off, and place it over our laps concealing our hands, which we use to explore and tease each other. We finish off the bus ride with me sitting on his lap, facing forward with my back to him and my skirt spread out over his lap, to hide the fact that his pants are unzipped. We are truly riding the bus home." -Sea

# "I would like to just kiss her all over her body, and after all this I would make love to her for the whole night." -Mikki

# "I would love to role play a "first meeting seduction" with my significant other, where he and I go somewhere new and act as if we had just met. I would love to have him seduce me all over again as if we had never met." -Tall Lady

# "I always wanted to dance very closely, while French kissing with my partner. Just dancing while rubbing up against his muscular tense body would make me crazy! (In a good way!) -Anonymous

# "Some people may find this a bit weird, but I want to make love to my significant other in a mud puddle while it's raining. To top it off, follow it by taking a shower together to rinse all the mud off." -Sweet & Sexy

# "I would like making love outdoors in a big field in the middle of the day." -Monica

# "I would like to have hot sex outside in a thunder storm with rain pouring all around us, lightening maybe if it is a ways from us. I find that thought exciting." -Jacinda Wood

# "This may seem cliché, but I want to show up at his work, in the middle of the day, in nothing but a trench coat and sexy heels, and make love to him right then and there!" -Mel

# "Having sex in a public place where we can get easily caught, such as the bathroom, a car in a parking lot, etc." -Marky's Stiney

# "I would like to abduct her, and make her my love slave for the weekend." -Anonymous

# "Well, I would walk her out to her car when she goes to work. One day we would get into a heated kiss and my hand would roam up her skirt, but not past the panties. I'd like to give her oral sex while she's sitting in her car in her skirt." -Aaron

# "We would be standing by a fire, and he would start kissing the back of my neck. He would not stop there. All of a sudden, it would start to rain, and we go to the deck and make passionate love there." -Wendy

# "I would like being seduced, then made love to. I would enjoy being told how much he loves making love to me, slowly and sexy for hours in our hut on the beach while stranded." -Fantasylifeforme

# "I would like to watch my wife make love to another woman." -Tony

# "I would like to make love to my boyfriend in my parent's rose garden during a full moon, knowing they are inside the house, but I obviously wouldn't want them to catch me! -Tara

# "I would like making love with him in a room of about 10 couples and everybody is blindfolded." -Cindy

# "I would like making love on a blanket in the soft grass of the city park, with only the stars to watch us." -Mike's Girl

# I would like role-playing he's the cop and I'm the bad guy." -Anonymous

# "My fantasy takes place in an elevator. The elevator stops on the way up, and my partner gets on wearing a fireman's outfit. He has nothing on except for the overalls and the boots, he grabs me and we start fooling around. He eventually puts out my fire! -Anonymous

# "I would like to dress up in a skimpy maid's uniform, and have him be a rich and successful businessman who is cheating on his wife with me. He comes home after a long day at work only to catch a glimpse of a lacy bra peaking out from my uniform. He then just bends me over a table and thrusts like mad from behind me. He should be very rough with me, and act like he's just using me for his sexual pleasure. That is so hot!" -Crystal

# "I would like driving nude in the car." -Paul

# "I would love to have sex on the Eiffel Tower during the night time with all the lights shining. It's a thrill to know someone could see you. Also, Paris is the most romantic city." -Becky

# "I would like it if I'd be the nurse, and my lover would be the patient. First, I would do oral care by French kissing. Then, I'd take off his shirt and give a nice massage with warm, scented oil. Next, I would get in bed and instruct the patient to come to me, taking off his pants in the process...and so on from there!" -Nursy