Water Play

Water Play
Water PlayHave fun with water.
by Bob Narindra

Water can be both a wonderful aphrodisiac and a great sensual aid due to the fact that its natural buoyancy leaves your body feeling almost weightless.

One great place to take advantage of this is in the bath, especially when the mood is set by the warm, soft glow of candlelight and the stimulating scent of your partner's favorite bath oils. Add bubbles to the bath to really make the scene a sensual wonderland.

Have your partner get into the bath first and then climb in behind them, gently wrapping your legs around their torso. While in this position, you will find you have access to almost every part of your partner's body. Using the bath oils, soap or shampoo, gently massage their head, neck shoulders and back. Then, while you are still behind them, reach round and massage their chest and lower body. Once properly stimulated, have your partner turn around and make love in a seated position.

Another great place to enjoy the qualities of water is in the shower. While showering, you can give each other a full body massage, paying particular attention to the erogenous zones. Another great idea is to use the shower as a tool for both pleasure and punishment. If your partner is good, you can reward them with warm water, and if they are bad, you can punish them with a shot of cold water. Be sure to take advantage of the different settings that your shower may have to offer. By using the jet, spray and mist settings (if available) you can simulate different rainy weather conditions and fantasize that you are in fact making love outside, or in a tropical rain forest.

When it comes to water, few things beat the skinny-dipping in the swimming pool, especially when it is heated on a starry night. Utilize the steps or a ledge in the pool to experiment with and find your most comfortable position. Another idea is for the female to brace herself against the edge of the pool while being pleasured from behind.

In the colder months, a more realistic place is a Jacuzzi or hot tub. Use the powerful hot jets of water to first relax your partner and then stimulate their sensual body parts. To enhance the mood, you can also purchase various oils and bubble bath products that are specifically designed for spa. These are available from most pool supply stores.

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