Sexual Props I

Sexual Props I
by Brettani Shannon

Furniture For Making Whoopee
Variety is the spice of life, so why keep your sex life restricted to the bed when there are plenty of pieces of furniture designed for making whoopee? There are options for everyone... pieces that are perfect for every level of adventure and any budget. Below are the pros and cons of's favorite products and ideas.

The Tantra Chair
Luxurious, high quality, earth friendly, expensive, and very very sexy. Just looking at this beautiful piece of furniture puts sex on the mind because of its sensual curves and inviting texture. It is designed to heighten the sensuality in your lovemaking by making sexual positions easy to do. As you can see from the videos (yes, videos) on their site, the curvature of the chair matches the natural curves of two bodies is every position imaginable. Lying on the chair allows you to be much more comfortable than on a flat surface and leaves you feeling sexier than ever before. The price of $1200 for this chair only adds to the allure of this piece, so the Tantra Chair gets our #1 vote.

Liberator Shapes
Lift your bottom half, bend your top half, support your middle, or elevate your whole self – the choice is yours. The Liberator Stage, Esse, Wedge, and Ramp will do just as they suggest – they liberate you! Forget about feeling awkward trying to get into position. Liberator Shapes are foam pieces designed to make lovemaking easy, comfortable, and more intimate. They are upholstered in Liberator signature fabrics created specifically to handle the messes of sex play while feeling fabulous against your skin. The downsides to this love furniture are that they A. cost a pretty penny (plenty of forum users and reviewers agree that they are more than worth the cost, though) and B. some of the pieces are quite large and therefore, difficult to store discretely. One person suggested storing the stage under the bedroom window with a throw blanket and a couple of pillows to look like a "reading area." Another person told people their Shape was gymnastics equipment for their kids!

The Love Swing
If you've always wanted to try all of those standing positions, but they never feel quite right, then the Loveswing is a must try. The Wheelbarrow? No problem. The Downstroke? No problem. The Bike Pump? No problem there either. My only precautions are that you may struggle a bit with getting in and out gracefully and you may not like the bulge that appears on either side of the leg straps (like can happen with elastic topped thigh highs - not the most flattering on us curvaceous ladies) once you get into position. Just dim the lights when you want to Swing and save yourself the discomfiture.

Around the House Furniture
You can have the fun of using sex furniture without purchasing a thing! Stack pillows of your own. Hop on a dryer or the kitchen counter. Stand on a stair, a stool, or a couch to get into the perfect position. Get creative with what you have! This kind of variety in your sex life is a healthy and fun way to keep things hot in your relationship.

Vibrating Pillows
Pillows alone are great for sex in many ways. One is propping your caboose up for better access. Like the sensation of doing it on the dryer, the little bit of additional movement does more than you might guess! Another great way to use a pillow is to support your pelvis for rear entry positions. Using a vibrating pillow in this position has the added bonus of stimulating your clitoral area. If you're playing with the pillow on your own, it's easy to imagine how a vibrator inserted could be a lot of fun!

Inflatable Sex Furniture
These are not as luxurious to the touch as Liberator Shapes, but inflatable sex furniture serves the same purpose without the trouble of finding proper storage. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You are sure to find the right piece for you. Some of this furniture merges with the world of sex machines as well, so there is definitely more variety as well. Another great thing about inflatables is that you can make as big of mess as you like! Lubricants, oils, water, and even chocolate is no match for this waterproof washable furniture. Their biggest disadvantage is the lack of intimacy that can occur with some couples when the sounds and feeling of the plastic becomes apparent.

The Love Rocker
This piece of furniture is designed to bring out the relaxing side of sex rather than the strenuous. Imagine a bench suspended from straps on a four post structure. You can lie down on it like a bed, strattle your partner, or a variety of other positions like ones you'd typically use in a bed. The difference is that the in and out motion is virtually effortless with the easy gliding motion of the bench. It is "part bed, part chair, and part gravity-powered swing" according to their website. It takes just a few simple steps to collapse the whole thing and discretely tuck it under your bed! Especially for those with any sort of physical problems that make sex difficult, the Love Rocker can help alleviate the strain and therefore increase the intimacy in a relationship.