The Oral Factor

The Oral Factor
Create an oral experience he'll never forget!!
by Jennifer Good

If your man loves to receive oral sex, and whose doesn't, these four oral encounters are sure to keep him begging for more! Before you decide to complete an encounter, spice things up by printing out the coordinating invitation (except #4) and give it to them. This will create the added factor of sweet, tempting anticipation! So, if you're ready to knock his socks off, read on!

Encounter #1: Hot & Cold
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When your partner arrives, tell him to take off his clothes and lie on the bed, or wherever you choose. Then hand him a blindfold and tell him to put it on. After he has done this, let him lay there in suspense for a few minutes. When you are ready, reach over to your hidden cup of warm drink (coffee, hot chocolate, etc.) and take a sip. Then proceed to pleasure him with your mouth. When he is really into it, reach down and put an ice cube in your mouth. Then proceed to pleasure your partner again. Keep switching these until needed. :)

Encounter #2: Look But Don't Lick
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When your partner arrives, tell him to take off his clothes, or help them out of them yourself. Have him lie down on the bed. Then undress yourself, if you are not already undressed, and get in the 69 position with you on top of him, but a direction so your lower body is above his head. Instruct him that no matter what you do he is not allowed to touch you, or you will completely stop what you are doing and walk away. Then proceed to pleasure him, but with the secret of making him think you are enjoying giving him the pleasure more than he could possibly be receiving it. You can do this by rotating your torso, moaning, pretending to move your body as if having sex with him, etc.

Encounter #3: The Better To Please You With My Dear
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For this encounter, your creativity is the only block. Keep a basket of oral sex aides handy. You might include strong mints, coffee, ice, pop rocks, fruit, chocolate syrup, whip cream, heating or icy edible massage oil, etc. When your partner arrives for his appointment, have him undress and put on a blindfold. Then have him sit in a chair or on the side of the bed. Then one-by-one try using all of the items you've collected inside your treat basket. He'll never know what hit him!

Encounter #4: Wherever You Go, There I Am
Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to mind blowing sex, pun intended! Spice things up by giving him pleasure at the most unexpected times and places. Below are a few suggestions!

* While they are asleep.

* Under their desk while they are working.
Pretend to be getting something, or looking at something under their desk. On your way up stop and surprise them!

* While they are watching T.V.
Walk over to your partner, and in an extremely causal tone say, "Enjoy and your show and don't mind me." Then start undoing their pants.

* While they are on the phone.
Walk over to your partner and put your finger over your mouth, signaling them to be quiet. Then start undoing their pants...

* While they are taking shower.
This is best done if you are wearing some kind of clothing like your night gown or something you don't mind getting wet. They should get the impression that this was a spur of the moment idea, and you didn't even want to wait to take off your clothes.