Sexual Restraint

Sexual Restraint
by Jennifer Good

When you've been with your partner for some time, it's likely the relationship could use a little spice introduced into the normal bedroom routine. For some daring couples, experimenting with a little light bondage may be just the right pick-me-up to re-ignite the sparks of passion. Bondage is a sexual practice involving tying up or restraining your partner. The idea of being restrained is an exciting sexual stimulant for a number of people. If this sounds like something you'd like to try, or you'd like some new creative tips, take a look at the ideas and suggestions below.

All Tied Up

Tying your partner up is a key element to bondage. This makes finding something to restrain your partner a primary focus for this type of love play. You can use something as simple as a bath robe belt or scarf to something more elaborate like a rope or belt system you can purchase at an adult store. Typically, most couples prefer something soft and easy they can hide like a scarf or something more flirty like a pair of "fun" cuffs that you can also get at any adult store. When selecting something, take into consideration your lifestyle, the time you have to devote to your sexual encounters, and both of your personalities. Keep in mind that you may not even need to physically restrain your partner. For some couples, you can achieve the same effect through suggestive wording.

Nowhere To Go

Now that you know what you'll use to restrain your partner, you need to figure out where and how you will do it. If you have a bed with posts or a headboard then you're all set. Alternatively, you could use legs of your bedside tables or, if you use something that's long enough, you can wrap it between your box spring and mattress. For couples that would rather not be "tied down" to something, just do something simple like tying their arms together. When you're ready to try something a little different, a quick perusal of items around your home should turn up something interesting.

Ready and Waiting

Your partner's all tied up and ready for your next move. Wait, what is your next move? This is where the real fun begins, because you can do anything you know your partner would be up to. You can torture them with slow and deliberate kisses all over their body or tickle their senses with a light feather or scarf. Add a blindfold into the mixture and every sense on your partner's body will be elevated. For more inspiration, take a look at these member ideas:

"I know that one fantasy my significant other loves is the idea of him being tied to a chair so that he is unable to move. Then I would do a striptease for him and begin masturbating in full view. Then I would slowly and antagonizingly begin to lightly touch him knowing full well that he wants to be untied NOW...hehehe...but not so fast! You could have lots of fun just teasing and tantalizing him without giving him what he wants...for as long as YOU'RE able to hold out."
--submitted by Freshstart

"I would get a set of handcuffs, a blindfold and a paddle. If he's blindfolded while handcuffed, you can lightly spank him with the paddle and since he can't see, it will up the thrill. What's really fun to do is to alternate massaging and paddling. For example, start with rubbing his back or his legs and then surprise him wih a spank here and there."
--submitted by k_land84

A Word of Caution

This type of love play requires both partners to be completely comfortable with the idea and with each other. If you decide to give this a try, you should set up a code word that lets the other person know you want to stop. Make it something out of the ordinary so it's clear that is what's being said.