Inspire Sensual Play

Inspire Sensual Play
10 ideas to get things going!
by Jennifer Good!

1. Read erotic fiction or prose together.

2. Act on each other's fantasies.

3. Watch an erotic movie together.

4. Play a sensual board game.

5. Create a mock lingerie photo shoot. If you are comfortable, use a Polaroid or video camera for more realism.

6. Study up on new sexual positions you'd like to try with your partner. Get a few index cards, and write one idea on each card. Every time you want to try a new position, mail your partner the card. Or, leave it in a private place where they will find it.

7. Visit an erotic toy store, either online or nearby, and talk about different things you may want to purchase in the future and why.

8. Create a sensual kit that you both may use during any love play time. Fill it with items you would both be comfortable using, such as: tea lights, feather, massage lotion, blindfold, silk scarf, rose petals, camera, etc.

9. Create a Love Play Book Club. Go to a bookstore or library together, and each of you choose one how-to type sensual book. Set a date somewhere around the two week mark, with separate days for each other. On your day, you or your partner will provide the other with a demonstration of what they learned.

10. Experiment with food. Take a special trip to the grocery store together. Only purchase things you plan on using that night. Alternatively, you could raid your kitchen for items you would like to use.