One Night Only

One Night Only
by Patrice Placide

What would you do if you had one last night to share hot, steamy, passionate love with that special someone? If you only had one night to show them that they were all you needed in your life? This is my story of that one night…

It had been too long since I last touched his warm, smooth skin, smelled his scent, and tasted his flesh. Now that I had him here with me, I wanted to take my time and memorize every inch of him. I wondered if he had any idea what he did to me? What I felt whenever I saw the smallest part of his flesh? Snickering wickedly inside I thought…after tonight he would.

I get the most electrifying thrill that runs through me whenever I catch a glimpse of his stomach as his shirt raises; a deep wantonly ache whenever I stare at his manly bulge; and an ungodly desire that fills me when I catch him staring at my chest.

Simply put -- I love his body. I love touching it, caressing it, licking it, and tasting it. I love the smell, the heat, and the texture. So that is where I decided to start.

I slowly removed his clothes, piece by piece, revealing his ridiculously sexy body to me. In a way, I was unwrapping him, open and bare to my gaze. I had him lie on the bed and put his hands behind his head and keep them there. No matter what I did, no matter how badly he may have wanted to move them, he had to keep them there or I would stop. I wanted to take my time to discover and explore without any interruptions.

After arranging him on the bed, I slowly removed my clothing, letting his hungry gaze take in my naked flesh. I began my worship of his body at his forehead, softly pressing my lips to his brow, kissing gently, before moving down. I was imprinting the shape of his eyes, the curve of his cheek, and the steel of his jaw.

Slowly, I traced the shape of his mouth with my tongue before teasingly dangerously between his lips. I ran the tip of my tongue across his teeth, tracing the contours before slowly sliding my tongue into his mouth. I kissed him deeply, rubbing my tongue against his, thrusting my tongue in and out. The kiss turned ravenous with want, need, and desire.

Before I lost my head, however, I pulled back, sucking on his bottom lip and looked into his passion-glazed eyes. Oh yes, he wanted this too and it was driving him crazy to let me be in control.

I tortured him a little more with my tongue by licking a path from his neck to his shoulder. I could tell he was getting more excited by his never-ending groans. When I reached the point where his neck meets his shoulder, I lightly bit him -- taking his skin between my teeth, and giving him my mark. I felt him gasp as I did this, his organ hardening with the excitement.

At this point, I pushed his legs apart and knelt between them so that I could explore the rest of his body. My breasts pressed lightly against his chest, my nipples grazing his as I moved over him. I moved down from his throat, across his chest, licking and sucking on his flesh. I kissed my way across to his nipple, where I circled it with my tongue, arousing it, running my tongue across the flat top, making it sensitive, before sucking it into my mouth. I took it lightly between my teeth, biting gently, rolling it between my lips. With one final swipe of my tongue, I then moved to the other nipple, giving it the exact same attention as the first.

I moved down his body, kissing my way down across his stomach, abdomen, and settled my legs around him; wedging him between them as I sucked and licked the flesh around his navel, dipping my tongue into it. He flexed as my breasts pressed against him, rubbing him as his hips arched.

Noticing he was enjoying this a little too much, I pulled away and continued my journey downward. I bypassed his groin, instead kissing and sucking my way down his legs. I made my way down his thigh, past his knee, along his calf, leaving a trail from my tongue. I then repeat this on his other leg in the opposite direction.

While I did this, I noticed he was glistening a little as his body was preparing for what was to come. Not finished with my examination, I settled between his thighs and lightly dragged my nails along the skin of his inner thighs before reaching his scrotum area. I took his precious jewels in one hand, lightly and slowly massaging them. I then wrapped my other hand around the base of his quivering member, holding it, squeezing it as I leaned over and slowly licked all around the head, finding every drop of his essence that my hand had missed. I licked up and down, swiping my tongue over his slit, before slowly sliding him into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around him, closed my eyes and just savored him for a moment. I had no idea how long this memory had to last, so I was going to milk I for all it was worth.

However, my night went a little differently than I had planned. He could no longer stay restrained and decided to do a little turning of the tables. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy every second of this little payback. When neither of us could stand it any longer we joined in the most intense session of lovemaking I’d ever had, culminating at the peak of the most amazing orgasm either of had ever experienced. I was certainly what I had planned…a night neither of us would ever forget.

About The Author
I write based ONLY on my experiences and write them in a fantasy style. All my writings are fact.


Twilight Dreams

Twilight Dreams
by Patrice Placide

It’s an unusually hot night. I’m lying in bed…alone, thinking of you. Listening to slow, soft music, my mind slips into solitude, eyes closed. Air from the fan embraces my naked body. We had spent a beautiful day together, and then took our separate ways home. Now the memories of the time spent together fill my head and I smile to myself. Oh yes! The time spent together was too short, as always.

Glancing in the mirror across from the bed, I glimpse my nude body. My skin is glowing from my body heat. Reaching for the light switch, I turn it off. The room remains dimly lit by the street light outside my window. The shadows on the ceiling captivate my mind for a few minutes before I finally close my eyes. I keep seeing your face in my mind as I last saw it, drawing away from our kiss goodbye. I imagine that I can feel your arms holding me close to your body, your lips on mine, sweet and tender…it takes my breath away! I want to pull you close to me and never let you go.

Resting my hand on my stomach, the heat explodes from my body. In my twilight sleep, I imagine that you are here next to the bed and you’re watching me. Leaning against the headboard, fingertips parting my lips, I slowly suck on them, taking in a deep breath, exhaling slowly and relaxing into the mood that’s now overtaking me.

I hear you whispering to me, telling me what to do, I respond to your bidding. I move my hand slowly up to the prominence of my breasts, lightly passing my fingertips over my nipples. The response is quick. My hands move back to my neck and into my mouth. I stretch, arching my back, flexing my tired muscles. My hands make their way back downward, pausing at my breasts, awakening my barely concealed passion.

You sit back looking at me with pleasure in your smile. When you murmur your approval, I continue to caress my breasts, as I fix my gaze on you and get lost in the excitement of yours, while the other hand slides down my body, hunting my inner thighs. My legs part slightly, allowing just enough room for my fingertips to slip between.

You whisper, “Yes, baby, nice and slow, open up let me see!” I lose myself in your demands. I will do whatever you ask me to, whatever pleases you. The feeling this gives me is mind-blowing.

At first, I was self-conscious, but now, the exhibitionist in me slowly comes out of her shell, and I want to show off for you. I want you to be pleased with the performance you command.

You walk to the edge of the bed and take my ankles in each hand, and slowly and easily spread my legs apart. You gaze at me with full admiration in your eyes. My fingers move further in, parting my lips, tickling and teasing. My nerves are on easy by now. You instruct me to use both hands - licking my fingers first, and inserting them deep inside.

“Oh, God!" I moan softly.

“Yes baby, play with it, good,” you continuing to prod me along. I feel warm and wet, my fingers sliding in easily. My breathing is quick and shallow. I feel your lips tease my nipples, barely brushing them, but making sure they are aching for your attentive kiss. Craving your tongue‚ teasing, fingers quicken as I feel you grasp my hands. I feel like I’m losing my mind, not being able to continue the sweet feeling that has possessed me.

With my legs spread and yearning, you climb between them, your lips playing over my thighs in quick, random licks, tickling and thrilling me. I want more and try to pull you in closer, but you pull away each time I try. I beg helplessly for your tongue, your kiss, your licks, and that special bite that drives me wild.

You move up the length of my body as you simultaneously caress it with wet kisses, pressing me down onto the bed. I look into your eyes and wrap my legs around you, as we kiss, a tender, deep, passionate, soul-searching kiss, taking our time in prolonging our pleasure, moving synchronized with each others' rhythm.

The silence is killed by our demanding lovemaking, filled with moans of passion that cloud the air. You look at me and I believe you want me; to touch me, to take me, to taste me, and you do. I can’t get enough, I never will. We remain in this tantric state as long as we can; however, it’s still over too soon. We enjoy touching and caressing still, lovemaking never ends abruptly with’s ongoing...and we enjoy every second of quiet delight.

I wake too soon, only to see the sunlight piercing my curtains. The cold, hard reality of my sweet solitude reaches my waking mind. I rise to face another day without you. Yearning to see you and have you again and again.

Top 10 Movie Sex Scenes

Top 10 Movie Sex Scenes
by Jennifer Good

If you want to set the mood for a sensual interlude with your love, we recommend one of these top 10 movie sex scenes as chosen by LYC's members.

1. Ghost - The pottery scene.
My favorite scene will always be in the movie, Ghost, where Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore are making the pottery together... mmmm just plain sexy.

2. Dirty Dancing - Their first time together.
It may seem juvenile, but in "Dirty Dancing" when Baby and Johnny were dancing, it was so sensual... she had been so insecure until then and he could not believe this good person honestly wanted him! It was so beautifully portrayed.

3. Titanic - The car scene.
Where Jack draws rose on Titanic, and then they make love in the car and steam up the windows (very passionate).
--Kittie Vang

4. Top Gun - "Take My Breath Away" scene.
The kissing/sex scene from Top Gun. I loved the way they were kissing so erotically before hand.

5. 9 1/2 Weeks - The food scene.
The scene from "9 1/2 Weeks" when Kim Basinger does a strip tease for Mickey Rourke to Joe Cocker's "Leave Your Hat On." Basinger's chararacter was so naive and lacked self assurety until Mickey Rourke's character started to open her up to a broad sprectrum of sexual pleasures. The dance was something she never would have thought of doing before him.
--Double L

6. Cruel Intentions - Annette and Sebastion's first time together.
I'm sure the actors and actresses involved in the scenes may well have affected my choice, but I think the main reason I like them is because of the intensity of the emotions poured out into the scene by the release of tension from the forbidden love in the former picture, and the teenage passion in the latter. That to me is what sex is about- an outpouring of emotion- and what movies miss out on my trivialising the scenes into gratitiousness.

7. Meet Joe Black - Their first time together. *Editor's Pick*
The most beautiful love scene, that touched my heart in such a way would have to be the "making love" scene in Meet Joe Black..If you have seen the movie, you should know what I'm speakin of, she experiences the process as though it was her first, and it is death's (Joe) first time.

Meet Joe Black with Brad Pitt! His love scene is incredible. You can see, feel and taste his passion from the expressions on his face. Incredible. If you're going to be home alone, or with someone you love tonight... this is a must see!

8. Pretty Woman - Kissing on the mouth scene.
Pretty woman, when Julia Roberts had that long lingerie gown on. She walked out of the bathroom and approached Richard Gere, who finally fell asleep. She leans over to kiss him ever so slowly and accidentally wakes him up and they kiss so passionately and make love.

9. City Of Angels - Their first time together.
My favorite love scene is from City of Angels when Seth and Maggie make love in the cabin. Their rapid fall into love is really romantic, combined with the scenery of the cabin and the firelight.

10. Braveheart - The wedding night.
I love the wedding night scene in Braveheart. Both of them are so nervous and intense, it makes me want to go make love in the forest in Scotland.

10 pozitii pentru felatie

10 pozitii pentru felatie

Inainte de a trece la enumerarea pozitiilor, voi puncta aspectul igienic al sexului oral in general, fara a impune ceva, ci doar a informa. Cei ce sunt impotriva acestei practici si sustin ca sexul este murdar din cauza germenilor infectiosi, ar trebui sa ia in calcul si faptul ca insasi gura contine cu un milion de germeni mai mult decat penisul sau vaginul (atunci cand aceste organe sunt curate, desigur).

Iar acum sa revenim la ideea din titlu. Bineinteles ca feltie se poate face din orice pozitie in care partenerii pot sta, insa important este ca pozitia abordata sa fie una confortabila pentru amandoi pentru a putea savura placerea.

Felatia este inainte de toate un joc al limbii si al gurii.

Partenera sta in genunghi, iar partenerul in picioare. El are sentimentul ca domina. Ea pe acela de a putea controla situatia gratie ritmului pe care il impune cu gura.
Identica cu pozitia clasica, numai ca el sta in genunchi si ea ghemuita. Astfel, toata lumea se mamifesta dupa bunul plac.
Partenerul sta intins pe burta, arcuindu-si corpul. Isi ofera fesele, penisul si testicolele partenerei care este deasupra lui, in "patru labe".
Partenera sta intinsa pe burta, cu capul atarnand in afara patului. El sta in afara patului, in genunchi, avand astfel toata libertatea de a oserva miscarea feselor partenerei.
Partenera il masturbeaza, "mancandu-i" testicolele.
Ea sta ingenuchiata in fata lui. El este intins pe spate. Ea efectueaza o felatie, lasandu-si sanii pe fata lui.
Partenera sta intinsa pe spate. Deasura ei, partenerul isi pozitioneaza penisul la nivelul gurii ei si incepe sa execute o miscare de "du-te – vino".
El sta asezat intre picioarele ei si invers. Este preferabila alternarea cunnilingusului cu felatia pentru ca este totusi dificil sa dai si sa primesti in acelasi timp.
Practica ingititirii profunde este o fantezie masculina care consta in alunecarea penisului pana la amigdale. Atentie insa, intre fantezii si realitate, este o mare diferenta. Barbatii sunt aproape coplesiti de placerea pe care aceasta tehnica o procura, insa partenera daca este mai putin experimentata, poate avea o senzatie de voma.
Partenerul sta cu picioarele desfacute sprijinit pe coate sau pe maini, iar ea sta intinsa in fata lui, sprijinindu-se tot pe coate (pentru da un plus de amploare miscarii). In plus el are o privire panoramica asupra corpuli partenerei.