Tasty Temptations

Tasty Temptations
by Jennifer Good

Get a little creative in the bedroom by adding a new dimension to your love play...food! Ever since 9 1/2 Weeks, food and seduction have gone hand in hand. Get ready to recreate a little culinary seduction of your own with these ideas from other LYC readers!

Body Paint Alternative
Pudding cups in various flavors work as a great alternative to commercial body paints; each person gets one cup of each flavor. Use the pudding to finger-paint your lover. When you're finished painting, you have to lick off your artwork. Then it's their turn to do the same...or you can try painting each other at the same time, but that gets messy. This can also be done with containers of yogurt, but pudding works best!
--submitted by Sensual Lady

Dressed In Chocolate
My wife literally lives for chocolate. Once, we were going out on a long drive in the country-side. We stopped at a deserted spot and we started having a fun conversation. A little later, I hugged her as show of affection. Now, she has a wonderful habit of planting a kiss over my collar bone and when she did that, she got a surprise! She found a Kit Kat taped to me (in the wrapper, of course.) After finding that, she couldn't resist hunting for each treasure until I was totally stripped. She discovered 20 treasures taped all over my body. Note: it takes a while to attach all the candies and then get dressed over them!
--submitted by Raj

Food Games
I took a bunch of fresh strawberries and cherries and kept the stems on them. I then got some thread and some thumb tacks. I dipped some of the strawberries in a melted chocolate bar and tied string to the stems. The other end of the string I tied to a thumb tack. I then hung them at different lengths over the bed. When my boyfriend got home, I pulled him into bed with me. We sat and talked for a while, and then moved on to "other" things. Every so often during this entire time, one of us would reach up and take a bite of one of the pieces of fruit and feed it to the other.It was a fun way to keep everything interesting!
--submitted by Marie

Whipped Cream Hide & Seek
This is a great game to play with your significant other. The “hider" is naked on the bed, couch, etc. He/she takes a can of cool whip and places a small amount anywhere on her/his body while the “seeker”, wearing a blindfold, must find it using only his/her nose and mouth. It's a great foreplay idea.
--submitted by Josh

The Human Sundae
My boyfriend and I had been speaking about doing this for a while, but I didn't know when we would do it. One day I went over to his house, and when he opened the door, all of the lights were out and there were candles lit. He took my hand and led me to the shower, where he bathed me. He dried me off and led me to the bed. He had bought white sheets for the occasion. Surrounding the bed were cut up strawberries, bananas, ice cream, hot fudge, grapes, and whipped cream. He laid me down and turned me into a human sundae! It was wonderful. Then it was my turn...of course you know what happens next. It was a night I will never forget!
--submitted by Meagan L. Matos

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