25 Sexy Surprises

25 Sexy Surprises
by Brettani Shannon

To kick start a new love or stoke the fires of a long burning relationship, there’s nothing like a sexy surprise to heat things up. Learn a new sensual skill, bring something new into your relationship, or plan a red hot adventure for the two of you. Below are 25 great ideas to get you started!

* Learn belly dancing
* Climb in bed wearing sexy lingerie
* Write a piece of erotica and give it to your lover
* Replace your bedding with red satin sheets
* Meet your love at a hotel for an afternoon rendezvous
* Get a piercing
* Buy a new sex toy
* Have phone sex while one of you is at work
* Take him out dancing wearing your skimpiest of super-hot outfits
* Sign the two of you up for a tantric lover’s workshop
* Write a short porn script and have fun acting it out
* Take an oral sex class
* Send him a text telling him five things he does that make you really hot
* Tie him up
* Take pole dancing lessons
* Set up a night of body painting
* Take them on a test drive of a hot car and do it in the back seat
* Try out a role play
* Switch out his bedtime reading book with a sexy romance novel
* Be wearing a whipped cream bikini when they get home from work
* Get a tattoo
* Wake your partner up in the middle of the night with a bit of oral pleasure
* Blindfold them
* Play strip poker
* Email your lover a photo of you naked

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