Quickie Tips

Quickie Tips
by Brettani Shannon

Sex is truly at its best when there is plenty of variety. Long love making sessions in the bedroom are wonderful, but don’t underestimate the excitement of quickies. You can do it anywhere and anytime if you plan the rendezvous to fit into your time constraints.

Fun Places To Do It

Part of the fun of quickies is opening up the venue possibilities!

* In the car
* At the office
* In the bed
* On the table
* On the couch
* In the shower
* On the washing machine
* On the kitchen counter
* In the pool

Useful Things To Have Handy For Quickies

Sometimes being unprepared can stop you from getting it on, so pack yourself a little bag of quickie essentials

* Lube
* Towel
* Condom
* Finger Vibrator

Fitting Sex Into Your Busy Schedule

An unexpected quickie isn’t always an easy thing to pull off. Sometimes you’ve got to get creative and plan ahead.

* Get right to it so that you have as much time as possible for the actual sex.
* Make it a strictly oral encounter.
* Be ready to jump your lover the minute they get home (be sitting on the dryer naked or in the bed with all of your quickie essentials ready)
* If you’ve got enough faith in your partner’s skills, call or text him from the other room, the car, or wherever you are to let him know he’s got 10 minutes and the timer is running.

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