Top Ten Sexy Gifts

Top Ten Sexy Gifts
by Brettani Shannon

# Sexy Photos
Take photos of yourself in sexy outfits or wearing nothing at all. Take close-ups and distance shots, use revealing and suggestive poses, or take pictures in various locations (in the kitchen, on his car, at the office, in bed). You can use digital software, stickers, or metallic pens to add notes or drawings to your photos. Put the pictures in a little book, email them to your love, or fill up the first part of a photo album with them with a note saying, “there’s more to come.”

# Love Coupons
Use cut out hearts, card stock, or a stack of post-its to make your lover steamy love coupons. They can vary from specific details like “kisses wherever you want for one minute,” or “sex in a ‘certain position’,” to more general coupons like “morning lovin’,” or “a drive to lover’s lane.” You can also decide when your coupons are redeemable: anytime, today only, or as often as you like forever.

# Lingerie
Sweet, naughty, elegant, or outrageous, there is something for everyone. Buying lingerie for someone else can be tricky. Do some research if you need to (see what she already has, sizes, styles, colors, and brands) or go to a lingerie shop and ask for assistance in finding something that you can’t go wrong with.

# Share Your Fantasies
Over drinks at a bar, on the couch with hot cocoa, in bed, in a note, in an email, or any other creative way, sharing your sensual fantasies with your partner is a great gift, and its absolutely free. The result of opening up to your lover is greater intimacy in the bedroom and out.

# Sweet And Sexy Gift Baskets
Include anything you want to make yourself into a decedent dessert. Items like whipped cream, chocolate, strawberry, and butterscotch syrups, and cherries are staples. Get creative with the presentation of this gift by dressing up in only an apron, a baker’s jacket and hat, or anything else that will make him think of sweet treats.

# A Striptease For Your Lover
For man or woman, a private striptease is a gift your lover will never forget.

# Sensual Poetry
Download or write your own erotic poetry. Let your imagination and desires take you to places you’ve never been. Erotic poetry doesn’t have to be graphic. You can use metaphors and imaginative expressions to convey your sentiment. (Hint: if you are not sure how to get started, take a look at LYC's sensual poems.)

# Personalized Erotic Stories
Write a sexy story starring you and your lover (you can also purchase personalized romance novels online). It can be a fictional story about one of your fantasies, or a retelling of hot moment between the two of you.

# A CD Of Lovemaking Music
Burn a CD of music that makes you feel sexy. Keep in mind the flow of things while choosing the order of songs. Listen to them and imagine what you want to do with your partner during that song. Then, get creative when you play the CD. Dance, bathe, massage, kiss, and make love to the music.

# Love Games
While you can buy games, making your own is half the fun. Personalized sexual trivia (my favorite place to be kissed is___. Where did we make love for the first time? etc.) is a fun way to reminisce and get in the mood. Make up your own erotic spinner or dice using things you know the other person loves. Set up a sexy scavenger hunt with clues, sexy little gifts (toys and pictures) and a grand prize (you!).


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