The Small Expense of Romance

The Small Expense of Romance
Submitted by Michelle


Ladies, you may think that it's the man's job to seduce you. Or, maybe after you've gotten married and had kids you've found that the old spark is gone. It's not. It may have simmered down, but its no longer the fire you once had. If you want to be romanced and get that fire roaring again, you have to seduce and romance him like when you were newlyweds. Here's what I did.

My husband had a really bad week, so I decided to cheer him up. We don't have a lot of money with him being in the military and me being a stay-at-home mom. Well ladies, I decided to get creative. I went to Wal-Mart and got a single red rose ($1.25), a box of fake rose petals($5), a red lace camisole with matching panties ($12), a bag of 100 tea lights ($2), some lavender scented massage oil ($5), and a new white terry cloth robe ($35). The total was only $60 and some change, and BOY was it worth it!

After taking my son to his grandparent's house for the night, I went up to my husband's Army unit, got in the car and draped the robe over the driver's seat. I put the rose and a note saying, "Put this on as soon as you come home and meet me upstairs" under his windshield wiper. Then I went home and sprinkled the petals up the stairs and up to the bathroom door where I had placed a on the door telling him to enter. I had romantic music playing and a bubble bath already drawn that was surrounded by tea lights. I was in my new "outfit" waiting for him. After I finished bathing him, we went into the bedroom where I had placed the rest of the petals and the tea lights around the bed, with the massage oil sitting on the night stand. I took off his robe (guys love it when you slowly strip THEM), laid him down on the bed, and proceeded to give him a sensual massage.

He loved it so much that he took me out to a very nice restaurant and dancing, even though he hates to dance! When we got home he gave me one of the best nights of lovemaking that we've ever had! He still talks about it today! The best part is that now we both try to do little things for each other whenever we can. We've actually set up a new section of our household budget that is solely for this purpose and labeled it "romance."

P.S. Your "thank you" may differ slightly, but one thing is for sure -- they'll never forget it, and neither will you!


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