Love In The Rain

Love In The Rain
Create a memorable encounter of misty rain and love!

Three of the top ten sexual fantasies in our Top 10 Sexual Fantasies poll included water. Create your own sensual fantasy with this Love In The Rain encounter! Just gather your ingredients, turn on your shower and follow the easy steps located below.

+ plants, tropical if possible
+ fresh towels
+ rain/ocean CD
+ candlelight
+ woodsy smelling incense
+ soap(s)
+ loofahs, back brush, etc.
+ sheets or spare towels
+ robe(s)
+ waterproof toys, if desired
+ basket

1. Give your partner this printable invitation.

2. Drape spare towels or sheets to cover entire floor and toilet area.

3. Put plants in as many places possible such as sink, hanging locations, and floor.

4. Position your candles, incense and fresh towels.

5. Place soap, loofah, back brush, toys and other items in basket. Place basket within easy reach of shower.

6. Bring in a portable radio, and get music ready to play.

7. Get dressed in robe and nothing else. :)

8. A few minutes before your partner is expected to arrive, light your candles and incense and turn on music and shower.

9. When your partner arrives, undress them and lead them into your tropical rain seduction.



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