Exploration Of Touch

Exploration Of Touch

The feel of someone's touch is an amazing sensation. Take advantage of this and do this intimate encounter for your love!

Have your partner lay down on something comfortable. It is recommended that your partner keep their eyes closed or have a blindfold on. Then do the following steps, in order. Each step should take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.

1. Lightly blow on various parts of your partner's body.

2. Take one finger and gingerly trace your partner's body.

3. With your fingertips lightly explore your partner's body.

4. Using something silky, like a silk scarf or feather, trace your partner's body.

5. Using something slightly damp, like a washcloth or piece of fruit lightly caress your partner's body.

6. With your tongue or your lips give your partner's body kisses.

7. With both hands, gently caress your partner's body.

If you wish to continue with your exploration of touch encounter, repeat the steps above, but pay more attention to your partner's sensitive areas. You may want to include more steps as well. Just remember to take your time and pay attention to how your partner reacts to certain things that you do. Make sure you have at least an hour or two of uninterrupted time.

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