Steamy Lunch Dates

Steamy Lunch Dates
by Brettani Shannon


Nothing heats things up a relationship more than a sexy surprise. However, busy schedules and family time can often get in the way of passion. When you've found that your sex life has taken a back seat to your everyday life, spice things up with a lunchtime rendezvous. Here are some great ideas on how to do lunch with your lover.

* Leave an invitation for lunch on their pillow, on the refrigerator, or on their windshield. Somewhere they're sure to find it. You could also text them or email them at work.

* Send a sexy note or gift to your love at their work (make sure to add “for your eyes only” on the note card to avoid any embarrassing unwrapping).

* Pack a picnic and take them to a secluded place for some food and maybe something more.

* Serve aphrodisiac dishes like asparagus, a salad with arugula, almonds, or avocado and ginger or honey dressing (all foods associated with sexual energy). Other dishes might include pesto pasta (almost all of the ingredients are aphrodisiac foods), oysters, or anything with figs, pineapple, strawberries or raspberries. Wine, truffles, and chocolate are also known aphrodisiacs.

* Show up for lunch wearing a “sexed up” version of your everyday clothes. For her: Wear short or pencil skirts, hair down, partly unbuttoned dress shirts, low back tops, garters, stiletto heels, anything that shows a little skin, something you know they love to see you in. For him: wear cologne, tight undershirt, a quality dress shirt unbuttoned a little, your “nice booty” jeans, or even her favorite suit and accessories.

* Don’t give it up. Let the lunch date be foreplay. Close your lunch with a promise for dessert that night.

* Show up at their office and make yourself available for a little “broom closet” action.

* For a seriously steamy luncheon, do a little role playing. Be your lover’s business partner, “escort,” or blind date.

However you plan your lunch date, remember that the point is to let your lover know how much you care and to keep them thinking about you for the rest of the day!


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