Body Painting

Body Painting
An incredibly sensual experience for the both of you


If you are looking to try something new and exciting with your love, why not consider body painting? Body painting is where you and your partner are naked, and you create a masterpiece on their body using various items as paint. How sensual can this get? Body painting involves a lot of sensual touch on your partner's body. How erotic you want that touch to be is entirely up to you. By incorporating different scenarios into the body painting session, you can control the erotic sensations that course through their body. It can definitely be incredibly exciting!

Before You Begin:
1. Make sure you know of any allergies that your partner has, and obviously stay clear of using those products.

2. Ensure that you are able to be completely alone, with no interruptions.

3. Body painting can be messy, so make sure you are not on the good sheets!

One idea is to get a blow up air mattress and 3-4 old or inexpensive white sheets to lie on. That way you have a large area to work on.

The Paint:
When selecting your "paints" try to use things that have different textures and smells, as well as different colors. If you are using food items as paints, make sure you use items that you would not mind eating off your partner as the night progresses. It would also be a good idea to make sure you don't use any items that might irritate your partner's sense of smell. Here are some ideas.

* Strawberries
* Raspberries
* Blueberries
* Chocolate
* White chocolate
* Jellies
* Syrups of different colors
* Chocolate body paint
* Body watercolor kits

This is an area where you can be very creative so let it show!

The Paint Brushes:
Choosing what to paint with is probably more important than choosing the paint itself. This is an area where you can truly heighten your partner's sensual enjoyment because of the variety of textures that promote different bodily sensations when applying the paint. Here are some ideas for different paint applicators.

A word of caution: Please ensure that the material you use to apply the paint is either new or clean.

* Paint brushes
* Sponge brushes
* Sponges of different texture, size and shape
* Feathers
* The tip of a rosebud
* Your fingers

Again, be creative. Another way to heighten your partner's sensual enjoyment is to blindfold them. That way, their sense of touch is heightened dramatically, along with their imagination. Portray yourself as a great artist who refuses to show his masterpiece until it is complete. This type of role-playing can add a significant dimension to the experience for both yourself and your partner.

The Painting:
Perhaps the least important consideration in all of this is what to paint. It really is up to you. The important thing is to paint something that teases your partner with varied brush strokes around various parts of the body. Be sure not to attack the erogenous zones straight away. Let your partner's anticipation build as you skirt over their sensual parts.

More Creative Ideas:
Sesame Street brand bath products (you know the kind you buy your kids) make a great finger paint bath soap set; I bought a set for my nephew and found a better use for them. Run a bubble bath and paint each other using these soaps, it's a lot of fun, and pretty cheap. -Becky

Buy some glow in the dark paint, usually available in toy stores, and just before bed one night, write a love message on your belly - or perhaps on a cardboard sheet somewhere in the room like on the roof - and wait for his laughs once the lights are turned out! -Anonymous

I just love this idea I think you will too. Buy some finger paint soap. You might want to look in the toy section of the store for it. You and your mate will have a lot of fun in a candlelight bath painting each other. -Danielle


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