Role-playing: Lingerie Fashion Show

Role-playing: Lingerie Fashion Show
by Jennifer Good


Baring it all may be sexy, but nothing's quite as erotic as giving a glimpse of something more promising. This month's role-play takes advantage of your man's natural instinct to "see more" by giving him a fun, sexy fashion show of his favorite attire - lingerie.

What You'll Need:

For this role-play, you only need a few things: a collection of your favorite lingerie, some candles, and mood music. If your lingerie collection currently lacking, take this idea a step further by sneaking him into the dressing room of your favorite store while you try on a new wardrobe.

Setting the Mood:

Leave one of your own favorite undergarments attached with a note somewhere he'll find it. On the note, leave a message that invites him to an all-access backstage pass to this year's ultimate designer lingerie showcase. Give him the details of where and when he should meet you.

Prior to the night leave notes with little teasers such as:

- "I have something black and silky I know you'll like."
- "Did you know I look delicious in red?"
- "I can't wait for you to unwrap my newest present."

Additional Ideas:

* Let him take pictures of you while you strut your stuff. Keep your favorites and make him a framed keepsake or an erotic calendar.
* Use props to add dimension to your role-play. Great items you probably already have include gloves, scarfs, heels and jewelry.
* Make sure to do your hair and makeup in a flirty, sexy style.
* Be comfortable in the outfits you pick out. If you're not comfortable with lingerie, piece together some sexy outfits instead. Get creative with short skirts, sleepwear, swimwear and even workout clothes. Even your normal undergarments with large jewelry, great hair, makeup and heels will have a huge impact on your partner.


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