Silence Is Golden: A Sensual Romantic Evening

Silence Is Golden: A Sensual Romantic Evening

If you are interested in exploring the sensual side of life this weekend, or maybe even planning a surprise romantic evening for your love, this idea might appeal to you. As you know, communication plays a vital role in any relationship. There is, however, more than one way to communicate. A lot of times, expressing your feelings and emotions without words can create a much bigger effect on your love than simply telling them how you feel. The evening detailed below is designed to enhance your communication with your partner through the use of sight, smell, taste and touch. If done correctly it will leave your lover in absolutely no doubt about how much you love them, and will create memories that can last a lifetime.


* A secluded area of the room, preferably a corner

* An air mattress or something soft and comfortable to lay on
- A collection of soft comforters or blankets would work well
- Satin or silk sheets if possible

* A collection of soft pillows

* Decorations in the form of plants, flowers and rose petals

* Soft romantic lighting

* A large fruit, cheese and/or deli style meat platter
- Could be catered from a local cafe

* Chocolate and other romantic finger foods

* Soft romantic background music, such as sitar music

* Sensual props that invoke different feelings, such as feathers, a sponge with a bowl of warm water, some soft material, chocolate syrup etc.

* If this is something you are doing to your partner, you may want to include a blind fold

* Whatever else you might want to include

The idea here is to communicate as much love and romance to your partner without either of you saying anything. Start off by sensually exploring different areas of your partner's body through the use of your fingertips, lips and the sense of smell. Try to stay away from the erogenous zones to start with. You want to take things slowly and thoroughly enjoy each moment. Pamper your love by feeding them different foods while looking deeply into their eyes. Basically, you want to do as much as you can to make your partner feel incredibly special by exploring all the different avenues of communication while saying as little as possible. After doing this you will soon discover that silence actually is golden!



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